Lake Manyara national park is among Tanzania’s best tourism destinations.  Vast with amazing wildlife and beautiful landscapes. For Tanzania’s safaris, Lake Manyara national park would be among the best destinations to visit.

This protected area is located in the Manyara regions and Arusha between the Great Rift Valley and Lake Manyara. The parks derived its name from Lake Manyara, Tanzania’s seventh largest lake by surface area. It covers an area of 470kmsq by surface.

The national park in general covers an area of 325km, dominated by extensive swamps, woodlands and grasslands. The pars is well as a home of over 670 plants species that add up to its diverse flora.

The beautiful fauna and breathtaking landscapes has a been a great attractions to many tourists that come to visit Lake Manyara national park.

Attractions in Lake Manyara national park

Lake Manyara

The shallow alkaline lake is major attractions of the park. This lake holds the seventh positions as the largest lake by surface area in Tanzania. The lake attracts a number of fauna that include the pink flamingos that pay regular visit to the shallow water of the lake. A visit to the lake gives high chances to spot other wildlife species that include hippos that dwell near the shores of Lake Manyara.


Lake Manyara national park is famous for the vast wildlife. The park is home to a number of wildlife species that can be explored while on game drive through the plains of Lake Manyara park. The famously sighted wild game species in the park include, herds of elephants, giraffes, wildebeests, zebras, buffaloes, impalas, warthogs plus the famous klipspringer and kirks at the slopes of escarpments.

Tree climbing lions

A sight of the famous tree climbing lions of Lake Manyara is a major highlight for visiting Lake Manyara national park.  The tree climbing lions are only found in Lake Manyara  park and in Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth national park of Uganda. The tree climbing lions are unique from other kinds of lions, for these find more comfort hanging and resting on tree branches as they are plotting for prey and keeping away from ground heat and tsetse flies.

Bird species

The park is home to number of fascinating bird species worth exploring on a Tanzania’s birding safari. Depending on the season and location, different type of bird species are spotted in Lake Manyara  park.

During the wet season, huge flocks of flamingos are spotted along the shores of Lake Manyara, great pelicans, yellow billed stork, grey heron, marabou stork, pink backed pelican and Ayres hawk eagle. For the ever green forests of the park, these are home to a number of bird species that can be sighted these include; the crested guinea fowl crowned eagles, silvery checked hornbills and many mores.

The flood plains and of the park are great grounds to sites bird species such as waders, stalks, spoonbills, egrets and stilts erons.

Hot springs

Two water hot springs are residents of Lake Manyara national park. The “maji motto” hot water spring is a major water spring located on the western shores of Lake Manyara is a great attraction. Together with the other hot water spring located at the centre of the park.

The variety of attractions in Lake Manyara national park gives an opportunity for visitors to engage in park’s activities.

Game drives

The fascinating wildlife and beautiful landscape of Lake Manyara  park is best explored while on a game drive through the plains of the park. The scheduled night and day game drives of Manyara Park are a great opportunity to view the wonders that lake Manyara national park have to offer. A number of wildlife such as hippos, zebras, elephants, and impalas, bush backs, waterbucks, bush bucks, spotted hyenas, tree climbing  lions, leopards, African golden cats cheetahs and many others.

Bird watching

Lake Manyara national park, is a birders haven with over 390 unique bird species. The bird paradise of Lake Manyara is worth a sight for every bird lovers.  Flamingos that occasionally feed near the edges of the lake, are a major birding highlight for every birder, which visits the park.

Other bird species in lake Manyara include; silvery checked hornbill, African spoon bill, Narina trogon, southern ground hornbill, Black heron , Baglafecht weaver, crowned lapwing, Fischer’s sparrow lark, little bee eater, chestnut banded plover, blue naped Mousebird, white browned coucal any more.

Different birds in the park are found at different locations and at different seasons. During the dry season, there are folks of pelican birds and flamingos. The presence of these birds at Lake Manyara is limited during the dry season.

Tree top canopy walk

The long suspended walkway through the forest of Lake Manyara is an ideal activity for nature walks’ lovers. The tree top canopy walk stands 18km above the ground and stretches up to 370km.  This is the first canopy tail in Tanzania. The tree top walk is a great chance to view the fauna and flora of the park. A number of bird species can be spotted while at this walk.

Hiking and walking

The slopes of the national park are worth of every hike. This activity takes you to the rift valley escarpment slopes.  The hikes offer great views of the beautiful landscapes of Lake Manyara park. While at hiking and walking safaris in at national park the beautiful vegetation of the park is sighted. These include plant and tree species that have aged gracefully in the forests of lake Manyara national park.

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