Tanzania has emerged as African’s best safari destination’s, with a variety of activities to do and beautiful attractions to see. Serengeti national park is regarded as Tanzania’s best safari destination.

Serengeti national park is a national park located in the northern region of Tanzania in East Africa. It is located in the regions of simiyu and maya, this parks neighbors the Maasai mara national park of Kenya and the Ngorongoro conservation area. Serengeti national park is famous for the large numbers of beautiful wildlife, the major highlight for visiting this national park, is to witness the annual migration of the zebras and blue wildebeest.

The three regions of Serengeti national park

Serengeti plains

These are located in the southern region of the national park, famous for the granitic kopjes and the volcanic grasslands.

Western corridor

This  is flatter than the southern area of Serengeti national park, with plants, mountain ranges, riverine forests and the plain rivers of (Mbalageti and Grumeti). This is the most preferred area by visitors. A glance of the wildebeest migrations can be witnessed in the western corridor, from the month of May to July.

Northern Serengeti

… Made up of open woodlands, hills and the famous ground kopjes.

Activities and attractions in Serengeti national park.

Game drives

The most fascinating activity in Serengeti national park is a game drive experience. Game drives through the park give a chance to see the various wildlife species located in the park, including the 5 five game. An early morning game drive starts early enough and ends at 11; 00am. For tourists that prefer the afternoon session, this starts at 2:00pm till 5; 30pm.  Wildlife spotted in Serengeti include the impalas, Elands, Lions, Giraffes, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalos, black Rhinos, Grant’s gazelle, top, Kongoni among others.


Bird watching in Serengeti national park is an exception experience, to encounter while with a visit to the park. Serengeti is home to over 500 different bird species, 11 of which are endemic to the park and 100 are permanent to the park’s forests. The forests are home to as well the migratory birds that usually migrate between the months of November and April. Birds species encountered while birding in the national park include the following. Kori busard, Fischer’s love birds, Rufous –tailed weaver, Grey Breast spurfowl, southern ground horn bill, Black –headed gonolek, grey –backed fiscal, crowned lapwing, Green-back woodpecker, Grey –capped social weaver, Nubian woodpecker, Speke waver and many more. .

Hot air balloon adventure

A balloon safari takes off into the skies of the park, giving a better view of the different attractions, landscapes and wildlife where the tour vehicles cannot reach. This same adventure can be experienced in Murchison falls national park of Uganda.

Major attractions

The great migration of over 1.5 million wildebeest and over 2000 Zebras is a major highlight for the Serengeti Park. Witnessing the great migration is a say more and worth planning for, for every wildlife safari. This usually happens annually between the months of May to July.

Retina hippo pool

This is located in the seronera sector of the Serengeti Park. Retina pool is a home to the huge number of hippos. Visitors can view the large pools of hippos on foot while taking memorable pictures and videos for pleasant memories.

Lobo valley

The valley accommodates most of the big cat species, for there is plenty of prey for the big cats such as the lions, leopards in the valley. Other wildlife such as elephants, giraffes, and baboons can be sighted in the lobo valley as well. This is also part of the great migration in the months between July and November.


Kopjes are rock formations. They are resting areas for most predators, and offer a magnificent horizon view of the beautiful land scape of the park. A visit to these areas reward views of black rhinos of Serengeti.

Ngorongoro crater

This is part of the Ngorongoro conservation area that is part of the Serengeti part. The area is home to about 30,000 wild game, open for viewing. This is whole year with that fact they cannot migrate from the Ngorongoro crater. The crater is a source of water to the thirsted wildlife and food from its ever vegetation.

Accommodation at Serengeti park.

Accommodation include; Serengeti Serena safari lodge, four seasons safari lodge, Seronera wildlife lodge, kubu-kubu tented camp etc.

For a relaxed wildlife safari in East-Africa, Serengeti national park is among the top safari destinations to always think about. We at Love Uganda safaris help in planning & organizing all safari tours for a lifetime.


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