Uganda is well known as a destination with various activities for tourists that visit the pearl. Sport fishing , is one of the uncommon activities in the pearl, yet one of the most rewarding adventures to take on. Sport fishing might be regarded as a recreation activity for the participant’s, for this involves fishing of different fish types for fun, leisure and recreation. For a Uganda leisure holiday, sport fishing would be one of the best options to take on.

Sport fishing maybe carried out with the aim of enjoyment, adventure or for some for competition.  In Uganda, the sport fishing activity is usually done by anglers.

The use of rods, fish lines, hooks, swivels, weights, rig of rod, method feeders are more are all necessary when carrying out sport fishing.  These fishing tackles and more are used to enhance the fishing experience for the anglers. The most common type of sport fishing in Uganda is angling or for some tourists would prefer the challenging competition sport fishing.  Spear fishing is a non-common fishing activity offered to tourists.

The fishing experience in the pearl is unmatched to any other destination in the world.  The sport fishing activity in Uganda is only offered in two tourist destinations; Murchison falls national park and in lake Mburo national park.

Besides game viewing, hikes, primate encounters and nature walks in Murchison falls national park. The park offers sport fishing as one of the activity for the tourists that would want to visit the national on their Uganda safari adventure.

Murchison falls National Park is the largest national park in Uganda covering a 3840km, located in north western region of Uganda. Sport fishing is carried along river Nile that runs through the park moving northwards.

River Nile is the longest river in the world that runs 4132 miles and imputes into the Mediterranean Sea. With sport fishing in Uganda, a feel and touch of the waters of river Nile and its habitats is felt.

Sport fishing at Murchison falls national park is done along the banks of the Murchison falls near Paraa safari lodge, a luxury accommodation facility in the park.  Sport fishing is as well done at the banks of Karuma falls near Chobe safari lodge.

The sport fishing activity in Murchison falls national park can take on a full days or a day’s fishing session depending on the preference of the participants.  The activity is comes with a fee to participant. For a full day session a fishing permit costs $50 and $150 for a 4 days fishing session per person.

The notable fish types from the Nile in Murchison falls include the Nile perch, Ngara fish, Tilapia, Tiger fish and electric cat fish. Accessing the fishing area requires the use of boat and a guide is always available to help during the entire fishing experience.

Lake Mburo national park is the second destination in Uganda where professional sport fishing takes places. This national is located in western Uganda, In Lyatonde just a 4 hour’s drive making the nearest park from Kampala the capital of the pearl.

The park covers an area of 240km, endowed with a number of beautiful wildlife species and landscapes. For Uganda wildlife safaris, this destination would be among the top to choose from for a visit.

Sport fishing in Lake Mburo national park is done at the mazinga. The most notable fish species at the mazinga spot in the park is the tilapia fish other with the other five fish species that can be found in Lake Mburo national park.

For sport fishing in Lake Mburo national park, the participants are required to carry their own fishing equipment for the activity. The fishing permits at Lake Mburo national park cost $15 for a whole session and $25 for a 4 days fishing session.

The fishing permit fee exclude the entrance fees to the national park, where sport fishing takes place.

The sport fishing experience gives the fishers an opportunity to fish the fish types of the pearl. Getting to know in detail about the fish caught. Sport fishing is offered by the Uganda wildlife authority a major tourism governing body in the pearl.

Sport fishing is best done during the dry seasons in Uganda. Early morning and late in the days is the most preferred time to catch a number of fish. When the waters are low, this enhances and makes the fishing experience easier and more fun.

The best fishing gear for spot fishing in Uganda  include fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing hooks, weights and bobbers, tackle boxes and tool and a fishing line. For the fishing wear gear include fishing waders, wader boots, under wader wear, appropriate shirts, trousers, fishing vets, over trousers, socks, vest and waistcoats and fishing sunglasses.

The sport fishing sites in Uganda are accessible by road transfer using 4 wheels rides.  A road transfer to Murchison falls national park take about 6 hours travelling

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