Wildlife in most of the destinations is experienced while on a game drive. In Lake Mburo national park, wildlife viewing is experienced in different dimensions.

Lake Mburo national park is one of the savannah parks in Uganda. This national park covers an area of 260km, making it the smallest national park among the 10 in Uganda.  Lake Mburo national park is located in western Uganda, Kiruhura district in Nyabushozi country. This is the nearest national park near Kampala with a travel distance of 236km of just 4 hours, using the Mbarara Masaka high way.

Wildlife safaris in Uganda have been a great preference for most of the tourists that visit Uganda. Besides the beautiful land scape of the pearl, beauty is shown more in the wildlife that is experienced by the tourists.

Lake Mburo national park is a home to 68 wildlife game, 350 bird species, and scenic landscapes and physical features enjoyed on a Uganda safari.  This national park is famous for the Impala antelopes, zebras, waterbucks, warthogs, leopards and many. Due to the absence of lions and elephants in the park, horseback Safaris and walking safaris are made available for the tourists.

Most of the wildlife in the protected areas of Uganda is experienced, while on game drives. For the case of Lake Mburo national park, more options are availed for wild game viewing.

A drive game is an activity of wildlife using, using a vehicle.  In Lake Mburo national park, game drives are scheduled for two sessions, the morning game drive and after game drive. The morning game drive in the park begins at 8:00 in the morning, taking about 2 to 3 hours of wildlife viewing. The evening game drive starts after lunch from 2 pm.  Nocturnal game drives are provided at the park, those that are interested in the night mammals.

Wildlife in Lake Mburo national park can be experienced while on a horse. Horseback safaris in Lake Mburo national park are an enticing adventure in the park. A view of the park’s wild game is done on a horse back, other than a four wheel drive.

Wildlife viewing on a horse back is done at the Mihingo lodge inside Lake Mburo national park. Mihingo lodge is a luxury lodge that offers horse rides services to guests interested. This activity is called out in the middle of the park with rewarding views of 360 degrees of the 12 lakes that surrounding lake Mburo national park, a closer glimpse of wild game such as herds of buffalos feeding, elands, Zebras, duikers, Topi among others.

Before the horse ride through the lake, the guests are required to take weight measurements. This helps to allocate the appropriate horse that matches the body weight of the guest. There is a limit of carriage for the horses, with a maximum weight of 100kg, though currently the horses’ capacity to carry a person is carrying 85kg.

A number of riding gear is providing before experiencing the wild life on a horse in Lake Mburo national park. Riding helmets and chaps are provided for the riders. It is advised to wear trousers for the riders.

A horse safari takes 4 to hours of wildlife viewing in the park, for the advanced riders they can take on the horses while for the beginners they are advised to participate in wildlife viewing through the walking safaris.

Walking safaris is another way; the beautiful wildlife of Lake Mburo can be experienced. The park is not exposed to the presence of dangerous predators. This favors walking safaris and nature walks through the park.

Walking safaris are favorably done in the morning, to capture sight of the nocturnal and hyenas returning to their dens and hippos returning to the waters. This activity takes about 2 hours of walking through the splendid wilderness of the park. The Rubanga forest and salt lick are one of the places that are suitable for the walk. These areas are a home to many wildlife animals, including bird’s species.

Wildlife view on a walking safari is always led by a guide, who knows the paths ways that take to the beautiful flora and fauna of the park.  Besides the view of the splendid wildlife in the park, a walking in Lake Mburo national park rewards a view of 9 of the 14 lakes of Mburo.

A boat ride on Lake Mburo national park avails more of the wildlife in the park. A boat avails different wildlife including, hippos, mammals quenching their thirst at the shores of the lake.  A number of bird species are sighted while on a boat ride on Lake Mburo.

A take with on with the cycling activities, is another way one can explore the beautiful gems of Lake Mburo national park.  Uganda safaris in the pearl of Africa are insightful adventures. Diverse in wildlife species, for all wildlife safaris, love Uganda safaris is here to take on for an ultimate experience in Lake Mburo national park.

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