Uganda Safari Destinations

Looking for a memorable experience in Uganda? It is important to know some of the facts about Uganda before you visit. Uganda also known as the “pearl of Africa” is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. Uganda is blessed with lots of special features & attractions. Are you a traveler? Is Uganda part of your next African destination list? Don’t miss reading these interesting and amazing facts about Uganda. Dive into Uganda’s culture, how people in Uganda behave, the top Uganda tourist attractions, Uganda’s History. Additionally you’ll know the facts about Uganda and her economy.

Brief History and Location  

Uganda is a landlocked (has no access to any big water bodies such as ocean or sea) country located in the Eastern part of Africa. This is itself one of the serious facts about Uganda. The country covers a total land area of 241,038 square kilometers. On the other hand, 37,000 square kilometers are covered by open waters such as rivers and lakes.

After Winston Churchill’s good impression of Uganda’s flora and fauna, in 1908, he named Uganda “The Pearl of Africa.” This was published in his famous book titled “My African Journey. ”What makes Uganda the Pearl of Africa

Uganda Safari Parks