Diverse and rich in its cultures, Uganda is a home to the authentic, indigenous cultures that are offered on every Uganda cultural encounters.

Besides the beautiful wildlife and scenic landscapes in the pearl. Uganda has continually proven to be among the top tourist destinations in African and the whole world. This is seen with the hospital people, good climate, adventures and many more.

Cultural encounters in the Uganda are a life time experience, with about 54 tribes. Each unique in language, traditions, beliefs, lifestyle and cuisine. An encounter with one of these tribes, exposes the hidden, rich and unexplored culture of Uganda.

With 9 indigenous communities located in the four regions of Uganda, the north, west, east and central Uganda. The cultural tribes located in these regions are worth Visit on a Uganda safari.

The northern region of Uganda is mainly occupied by the Nilotics, Nilohamitics and the sudanics. The tribes in the northern region of the pearl include the Madi, Lugbara, Lendu, Tepeth, Labwor, Pokot, Sebei, Kakwa, Kumam, karamojong, Teso, Jonan, Lulya, Padhola, Alur, Acholia and the lango.

The eastern region is occupied by the Bagisu, Bagwe (samia –Bugwe), Bagwere, Balamogi, Banyala, Banyabindi, Banyole, Basamya to mention but a few. The central region is mainly dominated by the Baganda, which the most prominent ethnic tribe in the region. The Banyala people occupy the central region together with the Baganda.

The western region, the “land of milk and honey” is occupied by the Bafumbira, Bahororo, Bakiga, Batooro, Banyankole, Banyarwanda, Banyoro, Batwa, Bakonjo, Bagungu, Baruuli, Basongora and the Batuku.

Cultural encounters in Uganda are mainly dominated by visits to the ethnic tribes and people. The cultural practices like the “Imbalu” from eastern Uganda.  Has  captured attention of most tourists to come visit and experience the dance and culture of the eastern people.

The Batwa pygmies in south western Uganda, are one of the major local tribes visited by the tourists, on Uganda cultural safaris. The Batwa are located in Bwindi Impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park. The authentic history, way of life and traditions of the Batwa people, is an experience desired by many.  With a visit to their community, traditions dances, story tales, participation in their hunting practice is a life time discovery encountered on a culture tour to the pearl.

For tourists  that want to explore the northern region of Uganda, the Ik people, Karamojong’s and the Manyatta people are a must see on a cultural encounter. These people are located near Kidepo valley national park in north eastern Uganda. With a visit to the national park, a stop over at one of the cultural villages entices the whole travel experience.

Cultural encounters in the pearl can be experienced through the different ancient establishments and natural landscapes. Culture in Uganda can be met at the different physical features.  The Sezibwa falls in Mukono, Nakayima tree tin Mubende, Sempaya hot springs and Kitagata hot springs.

These sites have both spiritual and traditional meaning attached to the local residents. These places hold great cultural beliefs, for some local residents. Local residents and the traditional healers visit these places for consultation from the ancestors, worshipping of the gods, and to make requests for favors from their ancestors.

Other places such as the royal palaces of the kingdoms of Uganda, ancient tombs, shrines, avail more about the Uganda different cultures. A visit to the Uganda museum is another source and discover of the different history and past cultures of the pearl.

A one day Kampala city tour gives an insight of the different cultural sites on a Uganda safari. The Uganda museum, Bulange mengo, Kasubi tombs, the  African village and monuments. These can be visited to explore the authentic culture and rich history of the pearl.

Cultural safaris in Uganda give a different look and perspective of a every safari.  These install appreciation of the difference of every unique culture. The authenticity and uniqueness of every culture encourages the sustainable preservation of these cultures. Despite the globe industrialization, the culture groups, tribes and communities have be conserved with the equal efforts of the tourists and the regulatory bodies of tourism in Uganda.

The languages, cuisine, dress code, norms, rituals, traditional, values, customs, and morals of each culture in Uganda is unique to this own.  A visit to explore and un cover the indigenous tribes and cultures of Uganda is truly mind blowing. That every tourist shouldn’t miss out on their safari to Uganda.

With gorilla safaris, hiking safaris, birding safaris and wildlife safaris fused with the cultural encounters. This makes a safari to Uganda a worthwhile experience.

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