Activities in Queen Elizabeth National park.

Located in south western Uganda, this park is truly a medley of wonders. With vast sprawling savannas, dotted with awe-inspiring craters, beautiful rolling hills bisected by sweeping valleys, Queen Elizabeth national park doubtlessly offers some of the most uniquely beautiful sceneries you will ever have across the African continent.

This is one park in Uganda that is worth braving crowds, with so much to see and do in Queen Elizabeth NP. And if on a Uganda safari to this park, here is a list of what to in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Game drives. The park is a home to more than seventy mammal species including 4 of the big five mammals. Game drives in Queen Elizabeth national expose travelers to elephants, buffaloes, bushbucks, Topis, Uganda Kobs, warthogs, lions and many other wildlife species.

Wandering through the rolling hills, having spectacular views of the many craters and crater lakes that are enclosed in the valleys and the beautiful land scape is an experience for life, that which refreshes one’s mind.

Tracking the tree climbing lions. Queen Elizabeth National park’s Ishasha sector is one of the only two parts in East Africa with tree climbing lions. One is Lake Manyara national park in Tanzania and the next one is our very own Ishasha sector.

Tree climbing lions are one of the most sought after species in the world, watching them comfortably lie in the tree branches, or sometimes even climbing up is an incredible feeling.

Chimpanzee tracking. This is done in Kyambura gorge which is also encompassed within Queen Elizabeth national park. This involves walking through the forested gorge in search of these rare apes. Nothing is as challenging as following up the chimps in their natural habitats, watching them jump from one tree to the other yet you still have to follow them up. However, in the end, the experience is really worth every step taken.

Launch cruise at Kazinga channel. This is probably the world’s longest channel joining Lake Edward and Lake George. It has the highest concentration of hippos you will ever see. A launch cruse at the channel exposes visitors to a variety of wildlife species that converge here to drink water.

An afternoon boat ride along Kazinga channel offers one of the best game viewing moments since this is when most animals come closer to cool off from the scorching heat.

It is simply a beautiful moment watching different animal species coming together as various sea birds fly through them.

Bird watching. Queen Elizabeth national park is also a birder’s paradise. It has more than 300 bird species that furnish excellent birding experiences. Bird lovers should visit the park to spot different rare birds that are even endemic to this area.

Whether migratory or endemic birds, you can’t fail to spot a bird in Queen Elizabeth national park. Be sure of spotting the Martial Eagle, Black-rumped Buttonquail, African Skimmer, Chapin’s Flycatcher, Pink backed Pelican, African Broadbill, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, Black Bee-eater, White-tailed Lark and many others.

Cultural encounters. Visit the neighboring communities of Queen Elizabeth national park like the Leopard village to experience the way of life of the people who nearly live along the wild. See the energetic dances of the Kikorongo Equator Cultural performances, you can even indulge in these dances. See the world through the eyes of the local people, how they hunt, cook and carry on their daily lives.

A taste of the local cuisine is a guarantee except to those who don’t wish to.

Queen Elizabeth national park is surely one destination no tourist deserves to miss on any Uganda safari.

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