The Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) is among Uganda’s homes to the wildlife species. it is a perfect spot to see Uganda’s wildlife for visitors with limited time. In addition to viewing wildlife, the center offers educational opportunities for its visitors.

The conservation center was established in the early 1950’ first as a home to injured, orphaned and wildlife confiscated from poachers. This later graduated to the present-day conservation and education center for wild-animals managed by the government of Uganda.

Among the conservation aims of the centers include; treatment of injured, stressed and sick animals to healing and recovery processes of the animals. The well-designed facilities at the center help in making wild animal quarantine processes easier. This center offer treatment to the infected wild animals without affecting or transferring infections to the animals or the communities.

Activities at the Uganda wildlife conservation center

Chimpanzee close-up experience

The chimpanzee integration experience is one of the exceptional adventures at the UWEC sector. This involves participating individuals having a close encounter with the chimpanzees at the sanctuary with the help of a keeper. The experience involves physical contact with the chimpanzees without any barrier. Here one gets to know their behaviors, history and challenges with the help of a keeper who will interpret the different gestures, sounds and vocals made by the chimpanzees.

The close-up experiences in the conservation center are available from Monday to Sunday starting at 7:30am. A short briefing session is a must for all. In the session, the zoo-keeper explains in detail what the activity entails.
The close-up experience costs $290 per person.

Behind the scene

This activity involves getting a close-encounter of how the wild animals in the center are taken care of. This includes their feeding processes, cleaning and many more. The activity takes about 2hours with the help of the zoo-keeper who guides through the whole process.

The activity time if from 9 to 12am for the morning-session and from 2:30 to 4:30pm for the evening-session. Rates are as below;

Non-Foreign Resident – $70 and children $35
Foreign Residents –  $50, children  $15
East African residents pay 50,000ugx and 30,000ugx for the children

Exclusive VIP experience

For tourists that want to fully explore the Uganda wildlife conservation and education center, this activity is the best option. A personal guide is fully available for this experience, taking through the details of all the animals located at the center.

Rates are as below;
Non-Foreign Residents – adults $100 for adults and $50 children.
Foreign Residents – adults $50 and $25 children.
East African citizens adults 35000ugx and 15000ugx children.

Forest trail

A forest walk is highly recommended for nature lovers. The most common trail here is 1km and walks through the small forest.  In sight sight of a number of bird species, butterflies, mammals and over 100 plant species can be experienced. The walk takes about 1.5 to 2 hours with a zoo-keeper guide in lead.

Foreign Non-Residents Adults $15, children $5.
The Foreign Residents pay $10 and children $5.
Citizens residents these pay 1000ugx and 5000ugx for the children.

Long stay volunteer programs

These are suitable for the well-wishers of the wildlife centers. Volunteers involve in a series of activities like animal food-preparation, cleaning of holding facilities, animal-observation, enclosures and many more. Volunteering programs can be for a couple of days, however it is advisable to take 5 days to exhaust all activities.

Wildlife at the UWEC


UWEC is home to several primate’s species. These include; olive baboon monkeys, black-and-white Colobus monkeys, patas monkey, red-tailed monkey, Rwenzori white and black Colobus monkey and Chimpanzees.  The center is surely one of the best places to see these primates from.

The  recent introduction of tigers has diversified the cats list at UWEC. other cats that live here are lions, serval cats, and leopards.


These are hoofed typically herbivorous quadruped mammals. The conservation area is home to some like reedbuck, impalas, hartebeest, giraffes, giant forest-hog, common Eland, Camel, bushbucks, African elephants and African Buffaloes.


Reptile species at the Uganda Wildlife center include the Nile crocodile, Gabon viper, marsh Terrapin, Egyptian-cobra and the African-rock Python.

Bird species

Uganda is known to have birds in every sect from the north to the south. The center is one of the places that harbors these birds and is said to be home to over 120 beautiful bird species. The most common ones that include: Giant kingfisher, Peafowl, pink-backed pelican, Ostrich, Grey-crowned crane, African fish-eagle, African gray-parrot, great blue-turaco and many more.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre is unique because of all the wildlife action that takes place there. And every day there are always plenty of exciting wildlife shows to see. We can organize a day visit to the UWEC.

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