Many travelers and tourists have different reasons why they take on certain journeys. For some it can be the first time to travel to particular destinations, and for others, it’s a lifestyle. Safaris in Uganda are exceptional experiences, the beauty and authenticity of the pearl has continually been a great pull of tourists to the various Uganda destinations.

Safaris are journeys made by tourists to explore and hunt wildlife in their nature habitant. The diversity of wildlife in Uganda has made the country one of the top safari destinations in Africa.

Uganda with its four regions, the north, central, east and west, are all endowed with beautiful diverse wildlife in the amazing landscapes of Uganda. As Winston Churchill  marked Uganda as the ‘pearl of Africa”. This phrase is justified by the various safaris taken on in the pearl due to its beauty.

The diverse wildlife in the different protected areas of Uganda, are one of the main attractions of tourist to Uganda. Every safari is complete when wildlife mammals have been observed. With over 345 wildlife species, located in the 10 national parks of Uganda, and other protected areas. Safaris in Uganda are fulfilling experiences, with the view of one’s of Africa’s true wilderness.

The view of the tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth, the impalas, zebras in Lake Mburo national park, the gentle giants (mountain gorillas) in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park, other wildlife species like the African elephants, leopards, African buffalos, warthogs, hippopotamus, the Rothschild giraffes, antelopes tigers, hyenas, antelopes and many more, has made every safari made in Uganda worthwhile.

A sight of the over 1066 bird species in Uganda enhances the whole safari experience. Some of these bird species are endemic to Uganda. a birding safari in Uganda avails more of these species. Birding safaris in Uganda are carried out in the different sanctuaries of Uganda, wetlands, and various protected areas.

Semliki national park “the true birders haven”, Bigodi wetland sanctuary, Mabamba wetland sanctuary are one of the top birding sites in Uganda. Safaris in Uganda avail bird species such as the corn crake, shoe bill stock, crested crane, white –spotted fluff tail, African swift, plain nightjar, Rwenzori turaco, Greater flamingo , blue quail,  Nohans francolin, crested guinea fowl, yellow billed duck , fulvous, lemon dove, lichtenstein’s sand grouse , little grebe etc. for bird lovers.

The beauty of the pearl is endless, with the astounding landscapes, covered with every green vegetation, savannah plains and dense with thick forests. Safaris to the pearl reach out the mother land of Uganda with all that it has to offer.

The mountain ranges of the Rwenzori, the largest caldera of Mountain Elgon, the source of the Nile, from Lake Victoria, the deepest depth of Lake Bunyonyi, the Murchison falls, all and more. Together make wonderful highlights for every safari Tour is Uganda.

The thrilling adventures of Uganda, count on every safari. The “adventurous capital of East Africa” Jinja, located in Uganda. Safaris in Uganda are spiced up with the fun and daring activities of the adventurous journeys. Tubing the Nile, boat cruises, bungee jumping, Quad biking,  white water rafting , kayaking, zip lining to mention but a few. These activities entice every traveler’s journey and shouldn’t be missed out as one plans for a safari.

With the indigenous rich tribes of Uganda, most safaris in the pearl are made complete with visits and encounters to the local communities and tribes of Uganda.  Having about 53 tribes located in the four regions of Uganda, those interested in the cultural safaris of Uganda, have a various to choose from.

The karamojong community of northern Uganda together with the Ik people and Manyatta people are popular preferences for cultural visits. Not to forget the pygmies of the Batwa community, located in Bwindi and Mgahinga national park. These were the initial inhabitants of the area with the mountain gorillas. Getting to know the historical back ground, lifestyle and traditions of these people, it’s truly life changing.

The favorable climatic conditions with two seasons (dry and wet) of Uganda. The weather conditions in Uganda favor all touristic activities, enhancing and easing the tour activities on a safari.

Most of the protected areas of wildlife are located in remote areas of Uganda. The long distances and journeys to these safari destinations, has been eased with the availability of affordable transport means, depending on the budget of the client. Well-constructed accommodation facilities have also constructed to  eased stays of the tourists during the safaris.

if you are planning about taking on a safari  , Uganda is truly the best destinations for all safaris.


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