Gorilla trekking is East Africa’s unique activity that has been of great interest to many primate lovers that visit  gorilla destinations. Due to the rugged terrain, where the gorilla species are found. It is important to know the appropriate wear, suitable for gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda.

The gorilla experience in the gorilla destinations of Uganda and Rwanda, offers a completely different jungle experience. Exceptional from the game drives, boat launches, birding expeditions and more  encountered on various safaris in the different tour destinations.

Gorilla trekking involves a physical walk or a hike through the rugged trials  in the gorilla destinations. The path ways are usually slippery especially in the rainy seasons, coupled with a number of small water stream and thick vegetation cross over and penetrate respectively.

A bit of physical fitness is required while under taking gorilla trekking. Trekkers exposed to various infections such as Flu, corona virus, malaria, a running stomach or any kind of disease that might be a threat to endangered apes. The category of these people may not be allowed to trek the mountain gorillas.

However, there is  great possibility  for the disabled gorilla trekkers. If they are in good health conditions, with the help of porters and carriers.   This vulnerable group is able to  experience the gorilla life in the jungle.

With the required documentation such as valid gorilla permits, negative Covid-19 test results, all in check.  An appropriate gorilla trek attire would be the last on the check box to begin your jungle trek of the gorillas.

Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga national park in Uganda and Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, are the only gorilla destinations in these countries.

The trekking experience usually begins with a short briefing about the do’s and don’ts’s while trekking these giant apes. This is to  keep both the trekkers and the gorilla’s safe during the whole experience. A ranger guide, potters, if need be are always available to safe guide and lead through the jungle to sight the endangered apes.

Comfort, style, color, size and the weather all need to be considered where choosing the appropriate gorilla trekking wear.

With the ever changing  weather conditions of the tropical forest, where the gorillas are found. It is necessary for the gorilla trekkers to prepare for all weather changes while in the forest. Either it rains, or in the scorching sun, the trekking experience should be enhanced and made easy.

The comfort and flexibility of the trekking gear when trekking the gorillas makes the gorilla experience a lot more memorable and fun. As the gorillas are reached with much ease.

Appropriate wearing gear is very important. Among the major gears to pack while preparing for gorilla trekking are as follow.

Face masks and sanitizers.

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, it is almost impossible to access any destinations without wearing a protective face mask and frequent use of a hand sanitizer, to prevent the spread of the virus. Well this applies while trekking the mountain gorillas in the jungle.

The mountain gorillas are contagious to infectious viruses. This makes it important to trek the mountain gorillas while healthy, never the less wearing of  face masks  for the Post COVID-19 travelers. This promotes the conservation of these wild species by protecting them from the contraction of various infectious diseases.

Hiking gloves

The trek through the jungle may be seen as a “bump walk”. The rugged terrain of the forest with slippery trails require a strong grip to keep balance when trekking to the different gorilla families. Small fitting hiking gloves help to grasp tree branches as support while trekking and taking on the uneven terrains of the forests, where the mountain gorillas a found. These as well help to protect the hands and fingers of a  trekker from sharp plant hook piecing’s, given some vegetation in the forest carry horns, itching and rough surfaces.

Hiking boots

The impenetrable forest is host to a number of unfamiliar species and plants that could hinder a gorilla hiking experience if not well dressed. Comfortable hiking boots help to step onto any rugged ground of the forest. Without worrying about losing balance or stepping onto sharp piecing objects. The boots surface well with the muddy, sticky ground of the forest which makes gorilla trekking faster and easier.  Comfortable and well-fitting boosts are recommended when choosing gear for your gorilla safari.

Water proof jacket.

Since the gorilla destinations are mostly found in tropical forests, especially for Bwindi forest. This guarantees higher chances of rain pours even during the trekking sessions. To safe guard and keep warm even with the tropical rain in the  forest,  a water proof jacket  would be of great help while trekking the mountain gorillas.

Hiking trousers

The thorny vegetation, creeping insects and buds will unfortunately make gorilla trekking  not a comfortable experience when wearing light trousers and shirts. Long hiking trousers made of light, and “breathable” material will surely make  all trekkers comfortable and protected from skin stretches, and insects bites while trekking the mountain gorillas.

Insect repellent

The gorilla jungle is full of thousand micro insects that are different on the floor and vegetation of the gorilla habitats. A little spy of an insect repellent will help keep insects and buds from crawling onto a trekker’s body or other equipment.


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