Tarangire is national park  ranks among the top safaris destinations in Tanzania. It is located in the Manyara region east of Tanzania. The national park covers an area of 1850 square kilometers of amazing landscape that is home to a number of wildlife species.

Tarangire national park derived its name “Tarangire” from Tarangire river located at the north side of  the park. This river passes through the national park, running north until it exits the park imputing its waters into Lake Burungi.

The river is the “heart beat” of Tarangire Park and life to the wildlife animals located in the park. This river is a water source during the annual dry seasons for the wildlife. The need for the wild animals to quench their thirst leads to the “small “migration of wildlife from, other the national park to come and quench their thirst during the dry seasons.

The migration into Tarangire national park consists of wildebeests, zebras together with other wildlife that are about 250,000 species.

Tarangire national park was established in the year 1970. It is currently under the management and governance of Tanzania national park authority.

Vegetation of Tarangire national park

The land of the park, is dry during the most parts of the year. It is covered with acacia woodland, seasonally flooded grassland land, combretum woodland and not to forget the baobab trees that store tons of water for a long period of time.

Wildlife migration of Tarangire national park

This usually happens in the months between June to November in the dry season. The great migration in Tarangire national park is not as enormous and massive as that that helps in Serengeti national park. With the presence of Tarangire river, this is the main source of water during the annual dry season, this attracts wildlife that include herds of buffalos, wildebeest, zebras, elephants, lions, gazelles and many more. All these come to graze and drink from the river banks and waters.

Activities in Tarangire national park

Wildlife viewing

The biggest highlight for visiting Tarangire national park is to have a glimpse of the wildlife located in the park. Game viewing, a primary activity for visiting the park, can be experienced while at a game drive. A four wheel drive through the plains of the national park reward a view of wildlife. The dry season that is between June and November is the best time to visit Tarangire national park. During these seasons, a number of wildlife migrates into the Tarangire river base for water. During these times, a number of wild game can be sighted.  Herds of elephants are seen, where one single herd contains about 300 elephants,  zebras, mongoose in anthills, zebras, gazelles, leopards, hyenas, lions impalas, giraffes, elands, coke’s hartebeest , all and many more are seen on a game drive.

Tourists interested in the night game drives on a Tanzania wildlife safaris, Tarangire national is among the best option while planning a wildlife safari. Night game drives in the park, reward views of the nocturnal species that a home to the different areas of the park.

Bird watching.

The birding experience in the national park, is an activity not to miss out by all bird lovers. The parks offer about 550 unique bird species found in swamps spread out through the park. Bird species sighted in the park include, Ashy starling, white –bellied go away bird, saddle –billed stork, slate-colored boubou , lesser striped swallow, little bee eater, yellow necked spurfowl, hornbills, yellow-collared lovebirds, bee eaters, hammerkops, kori bustards, yellow –collared lovebirds, mouse birds, crested francolins, gigantic lappet-faced and white bellied go away bird.


Balloon air safari,

This is experiencing the wildlife of Tarangire national park, at an aerial view. A hot balloon takes up tourists up in the skies of the park, where they view all the park’s park landscape, giving a chance to see wildlife is hidden while at a four wheel game drive.

Major attractions in Tarangire national park

The great migration.

This is a major highlight to look out for as one plans, for an exceptional African wildlife safari. The migration rewards a view of thousands of wildlife that have migrated in to Tarangire national park especially during the dry season. The wet seasons are not to waste as other wildlife can be spotted across the plains of the national park. The witness of the great migration is a lifetime experience that fulfills a safari exploration.

Herds of elephants.

Tarangire National Park is has been recorded as a home to the largest elephant population in Tanzania. These are common species that can be seen though the year. With each elephant herd containing about 300 elephants. In a view of the largest land mammals, the best location would be Tarangire Park.

Baobab trees

These gigantic trees are a great attraction in the national park. The baobab trees live up to 300 years. They are proven to store water for a long time and in large quantities of about 650 liters of water per cubic meter of the tree. This tree is regarded as the “tree of life”. It is a source of food the wildlife game that eat of its fruit.

A local myth about the baobab tree is that the tree used to the move around Africa, but later God planted them upside down to limit their aimless locomotion on the ground. This local myth explains their physical structure.

Wild game

The wild game in Tarangire national park is another major attraction in the park. From the herds of elephants, buffalos, a few black rhinos, antelopes, wild cats, zebras and many more. Whole make up the wildlife in the park, worth exploring.

How to get Tarangire national park

Tarangire Park can be accessed by a road transfer. From the nearest city of Arusha, is it just a few hour’s drive of a travel distance of 120 kilometers.

Accommodation at Tarangire Park.

Depending on the interest and budget of a visitor to the national park, they can choose from the wide range options located within and around the park. Among includes:  Tarangire treetops, Nimail Tarangire, Sanctuary swala camp, Maweninga camp, Sangaiwe tented lodge, Tarangire safari lodge, Tarangire sopa lodge, Maramboi tented camp, maramboi tented camp, Whistling thorn tented camp,

A life time safari, can only be experienced with us at Tarangire national park.

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