Mostly famous to travelers as the pearl of Africa, Uganda is a diverse and an extensive land with ever changing climatic conditions basing on the seasons and the local geography.

Beyond the shadow of doubt, the change in the seasons has a huge impact on what the travelers will do and see on their safaris in Uganda. The behavior of the wildlife, park accessibility and the tourist activities all depend on the weather.

It would be a very disappointing Uganda trip that you aimed at enjoying the white sand beaches on Africa’s largest fresh water lake; Victoria Lake and find a rainy season that cannot even allow anyone to take off a sweater.

The question on when is the best time to take a road trip in Uganda is quite complex and there are simple things that one should consider. However, the most beautiful part about Uganda is its location close to the equator that makes it a perfect tour destination all year round.

But in case of better preparations while considering a Uganda safari, take note of the following. They surely draft out the best trip to take a road trip in Uganda.

Weather. Uganda generally experiences two seasons, the dry and wet season. The weather conditions in Uganda are no reason to avoid travelling in the pearl of Africa. The dry seasons run from December/January through to mid-March and from June to Mid-September. The rain season is in October to November and April to May. Though this does not imply that in the dry season we totally receive no rain or that during the rainy season it rains all day, there is always still some time for one to explore the beauty of Uganda.

The weather conditions determine the tourism peak and low season. The dry months are very common to the tourists. Months of July, August, Christmas and the New Year are the peak seasons where almost all travel operators are busy in the field.

It is most recommendable that travelers visit the country in the dry seasons, that way not to affect their itineraries and have clear views without limitations of the mist and fog.

Still about the seasons, whether it’s the peak or low season, no tourist will ever find crowded and mass tourism in Uganda like in Kenya and Tanzania, we are still maintaining Eco-tourism.

Considering the price factor. It is wiser to take a road trip in Uganda during the low tourism seasons. These are the times when the accommodation rates are lower than the usual ones that lucky travelers may even get discounts almost on every accommodation and activity since trotters are usually very few during this time.

Note that tourists planning to have road trips in Uganda have several different and good options. A road trip to northern Uganda would be the perfect that any traveler to Uganda should consider. Also a road trip to see the mountain gorillas in south western Uganda is another road trip that would not disappoint any traveler.

Otherwise, road tripping in Uganda is the most ideal way to explore a couple of natural wanders that Uganda keeps. One gets a chance to spot several destinations in just a short period of time, provided they choose the right time to take a road trip in Uganda.

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