The open savannah of kasenyi plains is a home to diverse wildlife species. Because of an abundance of wildlife, the plains have been visited by many while on Uganda safaris.

The kasenyi plains are located in Queen Elizabeth national park. These plains are among the two sectors of the parks, with the Ishasha sector in the south, an area prominent for the tree climbing lions. And the plains in the north, an area known for wildlife viewing.

These plains are most referred to as the Mweya plains. These are located in western Uganda, Kasese district in Rwenzururu Sub County. Kasenyi plains are located northeast of Queen Elizabeth national park, west of Lake George.

Wildlife species

The savannah plains of the kasenyi sector have enabled the existence of the many wildlife species in the plains. With a huge number of the Uganda kobs that prefer these plains to few their predators from afar and run away. This has also attracted lions to hurt down antelopes, which are their main source of prey on the plains.

Four of the Big5 wildlife can be  while on a gamedrive in these open savannah plains. The animlas include; buffaloes, leopards, hyenas, warthogs, bush backs, lions, bush pigs, elephants, and many more

With its location near Lake George, a visit to the plains has a rewarding view of the lake. Its location favors the exploration of the Kazinga channel with the numerous mammals and birds that live around the water channel.

The 32meters water channel links Lake Edward and Lake Gorge. The Kazinga channel is among the highlights of a visit to the plains of Queen Elizabeth national park. The channel attracts vast wildlife that are experience while on a drive through the kasenyi plains. The mammals such as the antelopes, and elephants quenching their thirst in the water channel. This gives a chance to view these mammals, together with the Nile crocodiles and the hippos.

Besides the game drives in the plains, a boat-cruise on the Kazinga channel is a rewarding activity to engage in.

The kasenyi fishing site enhances every traveler’s t to the plains. A visit t the fishing site avails an opportunity to interact with the local fishermen and natives who live around the area. A taste of the fish fresh from the lakes is a mouthwatering venture that every tourist shouldn’t miss out on.

Other sightings
To see in Kasenyi Plains

Queen Elizabeth NP is surrounded by other touristic attractions that can be enjoyed should one choose to spend time here. Lakes that include Gorge, Edward the shores and marshes of these lakes home to wildlife such as the water bucks, and the swamp-dwelling Sitatunga to mention but a few.  Lake Bunyampaka and the islands of Akika, Irangara, and kankurango can also be visited.

Part of the kasenyi plains, is the Kasoga community located is located south west r of the kasenyi sector. The community offers various activities to the tourists these include; canoeing, community walks that immerses one in the local lifestyle and culture, birding experiences; where 150 bird-species can be sighted and also fishing trips.

How to get to there.

They are located in Queen Elizabeth national park located in western Uganda. From Kampala to the park a road transfer is 414 km which is approximately a 6 hours’ drive using the Mubende fort portal high way.  Kasese town to the kasenyi plains it is 49 kilometers south east of the town.

The plains of kasenyi can be accessed by air from Entebbe international airport landing in Kasese airstrip. An air transfer to the kasenyi plains is the fasting mean to the reach the plains with only 1:50 minutes use

Accommodation in kasenyi plains

Accommodation in the sector range from budget, midrange to luxury. These include: kasenyi safari camp, kasenyi wildlife game lodge, Elephant plains lodge, Simba safari camp and many more.

Book a safari with us.  Make sure to include Queen Elizabeth NP in your trip.

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