Visit Kabwoya wildlife reserve in Uganda

Kabwoya wildlife reserve is one of the most famous game reserves nestled in the Albertine rift in western Uganda, about 300km from Kampala. It’s the newest of all protected areas in Uganda and covers an area of 87 square miles of land. It was established as a reserve in 2002 and it is part of the Albertine rift an area with variety of attractions extending from the Mgahinga Gorilla National park in the south to Murchison falls national park in the far north west. This reserve is one of the most scenic wonders Uganda has and it occupies the magnificent plains sandwiched between the Bunyoro Escarpment. A visit to the reserve gives you a chance to enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Albert. In 1960s it was originally a controlled hunting ground and a popular home of huge population of wildlife and bird species. A few years later all animals were wiped out by the poachers, local cattle keepers took over the land thereby chasing away a few animals that were left in the reserve.

The situation has however improved ever since it was declared as a wild life reserve. The Uganda Wildlife Authority has been and is still introducing more wildlife in the reserve to make a popular destination for wildlife safaris in Uganda. So far there are such animals like Uganda Kobs, Impalas, Antelopes, bushbucks, Duikers and hartebeests.

For those interested in primates, the reserve has got a number of different primates that has made primate safaris in Uganda very possible and the baboons are commonly seen along the cliffs, lowland chimpanzees, white and black colobus monkeys as well as the ordinary Vervet monkeys found along the banks of river Hoywa and Wamababya. Sometimes short chimpanzees trekking tours can be done due to the presence of chimpanzees in the reserve.

There is abundant aquatic life such as hippos as viewed from the nearby Lake Albert. The reserve is amazingly growing and the wildlife population is also slowly and steadily expanding.

Kabwoya wildlife reserve’s major tourism attraction is not the existing wildlife but rather that scenery making the place seem like a haven in the interior of Albertine rift valley.

Visitors on Uganda tour in Kabwoya wildlife reserve can participate in guided nature walks, simple game driveskabwoya wildlife reserve in Uganda around the reserve, bird watching, mountain biking, Fossil Hunting and fishing the Nile perch.

Visiting Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is an excellent choice for travelers driving through an area between Kibale national park and Murchison falls national park, one will always wish to break the journey and experience amazing wildlife and magnificent scenery.

Stay at Lake Albert Safari lodge when you visit the Kabwoya Wildlife safari. This rather lavish lodge is situated right in the middle of the Albertine rift with unequalled views facing the Lake Albert on one side and Kabwoya escarpments on the other side.

The lodge provides its visitors with spacious and comfortable cottages perched on a cliff with unprecedented views of the vast Lake Albert and blue mountains of D.R.Congo in the back drop. Other than game drives and wildlife viewing, the lodge offers other activities to its visitors including horse bark riding, Quad biking, mountain cycling, Bush dinners, fishing and village walks.

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