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Royal Balloon, a certified ballooning company in Turkey has launched hot air balloon safaris in Akagera National Park. This was done in partnership with Rwanda Development board and Akagera Management Company. The launch was one of its kind in the heart of Africa.

Akagera game park is Rwanda’s only popular savannah park and is home to the big five wild animals namely – Lion, Elephant, Cape buffalo, Rhinoceros and Leopard. In like manner, it is also home to other wildlife species like antelopes. And all these can now be seen while up in the air.

A Must Do In Rwanda

Rwanda as a country is indeed pleased to partner with Royal Balloon to add excitement to the Rwanda tourism product line. This is surely one way to explore Rwanda. The company in charge has started out with two hot air balloons that accommodate 6 people maximum. The hot air balloon is said to climb up to 1000m above the ground, from whence the parks scenic presence can be seen.  This will give visitors new perspectives and also so much to look out for when they visit Akagera Game Park.

With time it is believed the hot air balloon safaris will get popular due to perfect weather conditions and amazing scenery Akagera will offer to visitors from all-over the world. Ballooning in Rwanda is a definite must do and what better way than to do it in luxury and exclusivity!

It has not yet been decided how long the balloon safari may take and once that is decided upon, we will let our readers know.

The introduction of hot air balloon Safaris in Rwanda is just one of the many ways the country is practicing sustainability while contributing to conservation.

Fly Royal – Feel Royal

The Royal Balloon Company has been operational for over 30 years and are known for
– Passenger Satisfaction
– Being the best
– Top Ranking
– Consistency of High Quality
– Reliability
– Receiving he certificate of excellence, years in a row

The above qualities will sure come with them to Rwanda.

Brief story about Akagera National Park

Akagera Game Park was founded in 1934 and was known for its biodiversity. However in the years following, disease epidemics diminished the parks wildlife leaving it in a sorry state. In 2009 the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and the African Parks Network entered into a 20-year renewable agreement to jointly manage Akagera. The results have been positive since.

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Akagera National Park

Generally speaking, visiting national parks, Akagera NP inclusive, is one of the best ways to support communities, wildlife conservation, and the long-term success of Africa’s wild areas. Love Uganda Safaris conducts safaris in Rwanda’s Akagera Game Park. Come join our journeys by contacting us.

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