Mountain climbing in Uganda is among the desired touristic activities on a safari In Uganda. With over 10 mountains in the pearl of Africa, summiting, and hiking safaris have been a great experience to the hikers and trekkers in Uganda.  Mountain Muhavura is among the top hiked mountains on a Uganda hiking safari.

A great writer quoted “you don’t really conquer a mountain you conquer yourself’. Mountain climbing is a thrilling, challenging but at the same time, fun and adventurous activity.

Most hikers engage in this activity to have fun on their adventures, for others it comes as a challenge to overcome one’s self. Through physical work, where mountaineering offers this opportunity. And for others, they want to tick off the visited mountains off their bucket lists.

Mountain Muhavura is one of the least exploited gems of the pearl. Located in the Virunga ranges of East Africa, Mountain Muhavura is a  mountain located in the western arm of the East African rift valley.

Mountain Muhavura is an extinct strata volcano, in the Virunga ranges. It comes third among the eight chain mountains with an elevation of 4127metres. This mountain is shared by the Uganda and Rwanda border.

For those who wish to access the mountain from Uganda, a road transfer to south western Uganda will lead to the mountain.  Muhavura mountain is located in Kisoro district in Mgahinga national park. A road transfer of about 8 -9 hours and a travel distance of  495.4km, using the Masaka Mbarara high way.  While in this park, a  full access to the Mountain (Uganda side), is fully experienced.

Mountain Muhavura can as well  be experienced from volcanoes national park, from the Rwanda side. It is a 2 hours’ drive of 106km from Kigali, the capital of the Rwanda. The access from Rwanda gives a shorter reach to Mountain Muhavura, due to the short travel distance.

This mountain derived its name from a Kinyarwanda term “Muhabura”, which means “guide”. ” Muhabura ” is a term that is used to refer Mountain Muhavura  for some tourists and local people.

The hike to mountain Muhavura surely takes about an eight hour hike.  Covering a distance of 12 km, from around  the base of the mountain from the Uganda side.

The feel of the steep slopes of  Mountain Muhabura, the view of the rich vegetation. Traversing through the different stages of the mountain, with gripes to the floors of the mountains. This experience is for the daring and mountaineering lovers on an every African safari.

A rewarding view of the Virunga ranges of East Africa, Bwindi impenetrable national park, the summits of the Rwenzori ranges and Lake Edward. A hike and climb of Mountain Muhavura is a no miss on a  safari in Uganda.

Besides the hiking experience of the great summits of the Ruwenzori’s in Uganda, or the adrenaline hike to the Mountain Kenya, a hike to Mountain Muhavura does a great substitute for it takes a full day.

For the foreign nonresidents, the purchase of the hiking permits goes for USD 80, USD 70 for the foreign residents and 50,000UGX for the East African residents.

A hike to the mountain is always lead by a park’s guide. The park guide takes you  through the different trails that led to the summit of the mountain. Before the hike is conducted, a short briefing is always held by the guide. This briefing is always about the whole hiking experience, what you need to do while on your way to the summit.

Besides the beautiful rewarding landscapes, from the hiking safari of Mountain Muhavura. A number of wildlife species, birds, butterflies, and flora can be sighted on the journey to the summit of Mountain Muhavura.

For any mountaineering activity, the hikers are supposed to be well geared for the enhancement and enjoyment of the activity. luckily enough there is provision for the hiking stick. These are always provided for to all hikers from the park management.

The hiking attire, long sleeved trousers and shirts are recommended, light but strong hiking shoes, to enable grip of the steep slopes of the mountain. A light back pack with light energy snacks, to boost your energy levels as you take on a hike is really important. Sun glasses, sunscreen, scarfs and other personal requirements such as cameras are recommended to enhance your hiking experience.

The climbing of  the Mountain was made easy with the different available accommodation facilities. Lodges, hotels, camp guest and guest houses were set up as a retire place for the hikers for refreshment. Gahinga lodge, Bambou gorilla lodge, travels rest hotel to mention but a few, can be used by the hikers before and after hiking the great mountain Muhavura.

A hiking safari to Mountain Muhavura is truly an experience, a must do on every Uganda tour. As you get to hike and experience the wonders that the mountain has to over.

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