Canopy walk in Rwanda

Canopy walk in Rwanda’s Nyungwe forest national parkCanopy walk in Rwanda

Nyungwe forest national park is one of the reasons why Rwanda lately became a top tourist destination in the world, because of its amazing numbers of primates, inter mixed with endless adventure. A canopy adventure walk in Rwanda must not miss on your “To-Do-list” on your next Africa safari to Rwanda.

The canopy walk does not only give you maximum relaxation but also adventure and insight into Rwanda’s unique beauty. Nyungwe forest is the largest protected mountain forest in Africa covering between 1600 and 2000 square meters, and the journey takes 5hr drive to the heart of Rwanda. The long drive to Nyungwe forest gives visitors a chance to view the country’s scenery and impressive landscape en route to the main attraction.

Once you get there, be ready to go to one of the most incredible adventures you will ever have; the canopy walk. In addition to the beautiful scenery, huge centuries-old trees and extra thick forest, this excellent tropical forest protects the 200m canopy walk way that will give a thrill that can hardly be matched by anything else.

Going to the canopy is about 2 hrs from the starting point at Uwinka visitors centre, and the hike down tends to be slippery during wet seasons. Viewing the canopy on arrival, mostly for those afraid of heights, it could be described as “an endless walk to hell.”

The bridge is hanged between huge trees, giving one a feel of fresh air, 60 meters above the forest canopy. Apart from the fresh air and magnificent aerial view of the trees, visitors enjoy the views of beautiful birds flying across as you enjoy the walk.

The canopy walk is the favorite activity in Nyungwe forest national park and one of those things you want to attempt before you die. This 90 meter long canopy walk in Rwanda gives a unique face to face encounters with butterflies, colorful birds and monkeys.

This place was opened in 2010 and it’s the only one in east Africa and the 3rd in Africa. It was built in 2010 by the Green heart group with support from U.S.A.I.D. The walk way has 160 meter stretch and it is divided in 3 sections; 1st is 45 meter stretch, 2nd and the longest stretch is 90 meters, followed by 25 meter stretch which is the shortest.

Hard wood trees dominate the upper canopy while the lowest part is beautified with a large selection of purple orchids and lush flora and fauna.

Besides canopy walk, the park has a range of hiking trails leading to different parts of the forest for avid hikers and occasional walkers. All the guided walks depart from the central Uwinka reception centre, western Gisakura entrance and Eastern Kitabi entrance.

The hike in Nyungwe forest will lead you to Ishumo waterfall which is small in size but this waterfall strikes in its own way and the breeze to which one is welcomed will feel like one of life’s simplest and greatest pleasures.

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