Chimpanzee habituation experience in Uganda.

Chimpanzees are our closest relatives in the jungle, the only species in the great apes that share over 98% of the human DNA. They are huge animals that would weigh up to 70kg and 1.7 meters in height, an animal that would offer a wild encounter so thrilling like never thought of.

Being the pearl of Africa, there is no way how Uganda could miss on the small list of the countries with the mighty chimpanzees in Africa. With more than 1500 chimps proudly calling Uganda a home, Chimpanzee tracking has attracted several tourists from all over the world to come and have a life changing encounter with the chimpanzees in Uganda.

Chimpanzee trekking involves visitors entering into the thick forest, walking through the slippery trails, having to dodge the thorny trees and paving your way out with your hands or a hand stick. Trekkers might spot other primate species and also note several tree species. On meeting the chimps, spend one magical hour watching them play from one ranch to another and taking as many photos as possible.

However, most travelers have opted for Chimpanzee habituation as it gives better encounters with the mighty apes. This is the better version of chimp trekking, besides walking through forest on a hunt for the primates, it allows the trekker to spend four full hours with the chimps on encountering them. Sometimes travelers even get the chance to feed the chimps; an experience that can never be forgotten in life.

Having more than 1500 total population of these primates, Uganda has a variety of destinations where one can habituate the chimps, and undoubtedly, it has been ranked one of the primate destinations that offer the premier chimp trekking safaris in Africa. And if on a Uganda safari with a desire to habituate the chimps, first think of these places.

Kibale forest national park. It is on record that Kibale forest national park offers chimp habituation experiences that win hands down. It is a home to 12 different primate species and no visitor ever habituated chimps in this forest and regretted. Just on the start of the trek, tourists immediately feel connected to the jungle with sounds of birds and nature calling them. A chimp habituation permit in Kibale forest national park costs 200 USD; which is somewhat affordable but extremely memorable.

Kalinzu Forest reserve. This comes immediately after Kibale forest national park and the second best destination for chimp habituation in Uganda. The numerous tree species made the reserve a perfect habitant for more than 220 chimps. Chimp habituation in Kalinzu forest reserve gives a unique experience that no other small forest reserve can. An all day trip to this place can do you better than expected.

Budongo forest. Located on the southern edge of Murchison falls National Park, Budongo forest reserve offers the cheapest and most affordable chimp habituation experience in Uganda. The experience here involves walking through the forest with trackers and researchers on the hunt for the mighty primates in the jungle. Sometimes it involves more than just watching the chimps, but also engage in the sample collection and the naming of these chimps. Trekkers get the opportunity to follow the chimps for the whole day, watching all their activities all day long.

Kyambura gorge. This is also called the valley of apes because of the extremely unique chimp encounters that it offers. Just a few chimps dwell here, but that doesn’t limit the experience they offer. Perhaps the habituated chimps in Kyambura gorge are the most hospitable ones in Uganda. Walking into the amazing gorge marvels the trekkers with verdant and the rich tropical rain-forest that is close to the equator crossing.

Surely, if it’s a primate safari in Uganda, it shouldn’t miss out on the above destinations, and if you had not thought of a tour in Uganda, it’s high time you booked your ticket for these and more memories.

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