On every Rwanda safari, wildlife in the protected areas has been a great highlight for the visitors that visit the country.

The republic of Rwanda is a national that is found in the central region of Africa. Besides the authentic culture, beautiful and cleanest city in East Africa, Rwanda is endowed with beautiful and unique wildlife that is found in the versed landscapes and regions of national parks, game reserves and water bodies.

Rwanda is one of the newest nationals in Africa  greatly suffered from the tragic genocide in 1994 , that led to the massive destruction of the infrastruction, nature and at worst lives, despite the tragic  Rwanda has enabled  to maintain and grow its game capacity through the years.

Birds are one of wildlife species that are found in the country. Rwanda possesses 711 bird species, where 280 birds are found in the western region in Nyungwe national park, where 26 are endemic to the Albertine rift; the Rwenzoir turaco and handsome spurfowl among others.

The eastern savannah part of the country consists  of a total of 692 species where 9 are endangered.we have the black headed gonolek , cranes and storks the are  swamp and lake associated examples of the birds that are found in national include shoe bill , secretary- bird,  Albertine owlet, blue swallow among the vulnerable birds, lesser flamingo, maccoa duck , batter, great snipe, African skimmer among the near threatened and white –backed vulture, Rueppels.s griffon, hooded vulture, Grauer’s  swamp- warblerand , Madagascar pond-heron among the endangered.

And on the mammal said of fauna, Rwanda boats its mammals in mostly the diverse national parks. Volcanoes national park is a home of 1/3 worlds mountain gorillas that are situated in the parks bamboo and rainforest And for Nyungwe national park it consists of 13 primate’s species that include the Rwenzoir colobus, chimpanzees, angola colobus, owl-faced monkeys, armored monkeys, and the eastern tree hyrax among others.

These have greatly been an influence in the soloist of tourists across the globe into Rwanda. Moss of the wildlife is situated in the three main national parks in Rwanda.

In volcanoes national park that is found in the northwest region of the country, it consists of diverts of wildlife that range from mammals, birds, and flora. The main wildlife attraction are the mountain gorillas that are about 340 in number, habituated ion 10 gorilla families that are visited. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda costs $1500 per person and these endangered species are trekked for 2 -6 hours by a group of 8 tourists.

The parks also has over 300 bird species among its wildlife that transverse the park and attract a plentiful of birders to the country, birds such as the African mash harrier, common moor her, long –crested eagle, greythroated tit, paradise flycatcher,  and red faced woodland etc. are found in the park.

Akagera national park consists of the savannah tropical mammals such as the giraffes, elephants, lions, antelopes, buffalos, the cape eland the world’s largest antelopes and impala. And it also consists 530 bird species that include; raptors, papyrus gonolek, shoebill stocks, lesser kestrel, great snipe, suaza shrike and arnot chat among others that can be sited while in the park.

And for Nyungwe national park it is a primate site with chimpanzees, silver monkeys, golden monkeys ,owl faced mangabey and grey –checked mangabey and for the bird species it has over 25275 bird species, 25 of the Abler tine Rift , 11 of the guinea Congo foresy biome and 71 of the biome of Afrotropical highlands.

Other mammal wildlife creatures that are found in Volcanoes national park include , forest elephants, bush pigs, spotted hyenas, bush bucks and black fronted duikers.

Flora has also been part of Rwanda’s wildlife, with over 240,746.53 forest cover, 15.79% of degraded forest, 1.82%of the bamboo forest, 26.4% of large eucalyptus plantation, and with 200 tree species in the montane. For example giant Lobella, and colorful orchids.  Rwanda is also has the world’s smallest water Lilly (Nymphaea thermarum) that is endemic to only Rwanda.

The country also consist of protected areas that are established as national parks n, volcanoes national park that covers an area of 16000, Nyungwe national park covering an area of 101900 ha and Akagera national park 108500 ha. And in addition the forest reserves also consist of wildlife ranging from fauna and flora. For examples Buhanga forest reserve that cover an area of (160), busaga (150), Mukara (1600), Gishwati (700)

Wildlife is one of the big attractions for Rwanda as  most of the tourist come to view the beauties of these creatures.
















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