The Uganda Shoebill – Why Uganda Shoebill is a must watch during Uganda safaris


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The shoebill stork in Uganda is one of the world’s most sought after bird. Also known as (Balaeniceps rex) is one of the great bird species in East Africa and Africa.

The shoebill stork is an amazing and impressive bird on a gaze at it. Indeed it gets its generous name “the most sought-after” after quite a good analysis of the different bird species in Africa.

People are so delighted whenever they see this bird because of its structure .The bill takes up a look alike of a human foot and ends in a ferocious nail-like hook. With heavy broad wings clustered with a covering of feathers, the shoebill stork has long legs.

This enables it to stand tall and confident at most twenty meters high dressed in blue-grey. Yellow eyes describe the bird with also violent appearance which usually attracts tourists and lovers of Uganda Birding safari tours.

Though Uganda is known for its exciting Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, beautiful scenery and Wildlife, a birding tour to explore the elusive shoebill stork is another great experience in the “Pearl of Africa”. The wonderful bird with prehistoric looks at a height of up to 150 centimeters (5 feet) and weighs up to 14 pounds making it outstanding from the other bird species.

The Shoebill Stork in Uganda lives in the swamps while it feeds on lungfish, puddle fish, tadpoles, water snakes and many more of the water swimming creatures. Being nocturnal and do not have webbed feet gives them a stealth like ability as they are on the hunt for lungfish so as to feed all through their lives.

In Uganda, a Shoebill birding trip experience is evident at a variety of places to catch sight of this marvelous and astonishing bill on the African continent and around these places people come time to time to learn, appreciate and believe nature.

During a Uganda tour expect to see more of shoebill storks from gazetted places to catch chance of them. At the shores of Lake Victoria is Mabamba swamp traditionally one of the few places to spot the rare and elusive shoebill stork in central Uganda with a touch of green vegetation, cool atmosphere, how it feeds among others.

Uganda Wildlife Education Center in Entebbe is another area to see the shoebill stork in Uganda, and also in Semuliki valley national park. In addition to presence of Africa’s most sought after bird, Uganda is so rich with great nature, wildlife, and flora and fauna.

Visit Uganda today to catch this once in a lifetime birding adventure tour and explore Africa’s most sought after shoe bill stork experience.

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