Following the presidential address that occurred on 20th September 2020, this brought in more good news for the travel industry. The president of Uganda his Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni announced the reopening up of Entebbe international airport that was scheduled 1st October 2020.
After 6 months of borders closed, suspension of operation of the international airport, this great news brought hope to international travellers. The closure of the locomotion system in the world was due to the deadly pandemic of COVID-19.

As nations across the world the lifting livelihood restricts on curfew time, movements, travel and businesses, this has not stopped the spread of the corona virus among the natives of the countries.
Currently in Uganda there are 146 new cases, 8808 cumulative cases, 2 new deaths and 4730 recoveries according the 3rd September 2020 corona update by the ministry of health of Uganda. There has been a continual sensation of the communities of Uganda about proper hygiene, hand sanitizing, social distancing and wearing of face masks, all to prevent the spread and attraction of Corona virus.
The use of the self-service immigration kiosks at the international airport was encouraged for the arriving Ugandans when the airport is reopened again, to prevent much human contact that could increase the spread of COVID-19

During the presidential address concerning the updates of the corona virus, he mentioned the reopening of the land borders and the international airport of Entebbe. He said these were reopened for tourists going out and coming in the country.
He said for the tourists that planned to come and visit the country, they were required to have tested for covid-19 72 hours before their arrival in the country with their results.
The president also mentioned that tour operators should ensure the tourist don’t mix with the Ugandans by driving them straight to the designated sites and destinations from the airport.
The business delegations were to be handled in the same way by the local partners. The president hinted on the returning Ugandans who have negative PCR would be allowed to go home, leaving their address to the ministry of health for future follow up.
On 29th September 2020 the Uganda civil aviation authority released a document with the (SOP’S) standard operating procedures for the arriving and departing passengers at Entebbe international airport and these were as follows:
For arriving passengers
• Possession of authentic negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) COVID -19 tests from an accredited laboratory in the country of origin issued with 72 hours before boarding an aircraft in bound to Uganda.
• Airlines shall not board any passengers coming to Uganda without a negative COVID-19 PCR test. An arriving passenger shall be denied entry and the airline shall obliged to take back the passenger. In the unlikely event that a returning Ugandan comes without COVID -19 PCR test , they will allowed to enter the country , but shall have a test done at their cost of $65 and quarantined at own cost till the results are out.
• A passenger who exhibits signs and symptoms of an infectious disease shall be transported in an ambulance to an isolation center (Entebbe referral hospital) for a COVID-19 test. The results would be returned within 24 -48 hours as the passengers remain in the isolation centre.
• In case a foreign national tested COVID-19 positive and wished to be repatriated for treatment in another facility outside Uganda, this would be done at their cost following COVID-19 medical evacuation protocols
• Passengers will be subjected to temperature screening on entry to the arrival hall
• All passengers will be screened for any other signs of infectious diseases by the port Health team
• Passengers are supposed to scan finger prints under instruction of the immigration officers, but will be required to hand sanitize before and after.

For departing passengers
• Present authentic and valid COVID -19 polymerase chain reaction (PRC) test certificate issued with 129 hours before travel.
• Always wear a mask appropriately within the terminal
• Passengers and airport users will be subjected to temperature screening on entry to the airport and departure hall
• In special circumstances where passengers are not required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test certificate in the country of destination, such passengers should ensure that they have clearance from the destination country so as to be allowed to board
• Maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters apart from each other within the terminal
• Only passengers and airport users with official business in the terminal will be allowed access to the airport
• Passengers are advised to arrive at the airport at least 4 hours before scheduled flights
• Airport users are encouraged to sanitize after touching surfaces or documents.

Together with the re-opening of the national parks and tourists destinations in Uganda, the reopening of the international airport and the land borders has paved way for more tourism activities in the peal of Africa. The tourists across the world are welcome to the pearl to enjoy the different tours and safaris organized and tailored by love Uganda safaris.

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