The land of a thousand hills, a famous term used to describe the beautiful landscapes of Rwanda, this term has justified the presence of various hills and mountain tops in the country worth exploring. Mountaineering in Rwanda offers exquisite experiences to all mountain climbers and hikers that dare to take on this challenge.

Mountain climbing in Rwanda in done in Volcanoes national park. The famous gorilla destination of Rwanda further more offers, mountaineering at the slopes of its top mountains; mountain  karisimbi and mountain Bisoke

Volcanoes national park is among Rwanda’s 4 main protected areas. It is located in the North West region of Rwanda and was fully established and opened up as a national park in 1999 after securing safety around the park.

The park encompasses 5 of the Virunga volcanoes, these include mountain Gahinga, mountain Muhavura both shared with Uganda and with mountain karisimbi, mountain Bisoke and mountain Mikeno only entirely located within the premises  of democratic republic of Congo

Mountaineering in Rwanda is majorly done along the slopes of Mountain Karisimbi and mountain Bisoke in volcanoes national parks. The slopes of these mountains are famous habitants of the endangered mountain gorillas of Rwanda. Tourists that engage in gorilla trekking on a Rwanda, a sight of mountain Bisoke cannot be missed.

volcano climbing in volcanoes national park is an adventurous, tedious for the karisimbi hikers and at the same fun and enjoyable.  Mountaineering in volcanoes national park begins the Kinigi, the parks headquarters with a short briefing about the experience.

Hikers and mountain climbers are required to present their hiking permits together with valid travel documents before the hiking begins. After the short briefing hikers are transfer to the starting point of mountaineering around the two mountain in volcanoes national park.

Hiking mountain karisimbi

Mountain karisimbi is a strato volcano shared both Rwanda and democratic republic of Congo.  This mountain stands at a height of 4507 meters making the highest among the Virunga volcanoes and the 11 highest in Africa. This mountain is dominated by steep slopes, ragged edges and surrounded by a thick forest. Hiking of mountain karisimbi may come as a strenuous and tedious activity but the after rewards of the hike are tremendous. The hike rewards views of mount muhavura, mountain Nyiragongo, Nyamuragira volcano, the parks beautiful vegetation and forest.

The hike to mountain karisimbi starts at the base of mountain Bisoke. Ascending to the summit of the mountain takes about 7 hours. A prevision camp for a sleep over before finalizing the hike to the summit the following day.  Descending back from mountain karisimbi takes about 6 hours to reach the roots of the mountains. Porters are always available to give a hand in carrying of heavy luggage and more.

The Dian fossey grave, wildlife and a far sight of the mountain gorillas can be rewarding while hiking mountain karisimbi.

Hiking Mountain Bisoke

Mountain Bisoke is an active volcano mountain shared by Congo in Virunga national parks and Rwanda in volcanoes national park. The summit of mount Bisoke is entirely located in Rwanda. It stands at a height of 3711meters, with its slopes dominated by alpine meadows and equatorial rainforest.

A hike to this mountain is considered easier compared to the hike of Mountain karisimbi.  The hike to summit of mountain Bisoke takes about 6 hours and a relatively shorter time to descend to back from the starting point.

Mountaineering in Rwanda is majorly done on the two mountains of Bisoke and karisimbi.  For the mountain climbers interesting in the engagement of mountaineering in Rwanda, they are required to pay a fee. The hiking permits for climbing these mountains can be booked directly at the park’s headquarters on the day of hiking or a tour operators can assist in the booking of the entire Rwanda hiking safari.

The dry season in Rwanda is the recommended time for the best hiking experience especially for mountain karisimbi with steep slopes and muddy slippery trails.  Mountain climbing in Rwanda is available whole year round even during the rainy season.

Hikers are required to prepare comfortable and suiting hiking gear before taking on the summits of the volcanoes national park.  These include hand woolen gloves, comfortable and light hiking boats, a sleeping bag, camp tent to mention a few.



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