Budget Safaris in Uganda.

Being the pearl of Africa, Uganda is a travel destination that all world trotters would love to explore and prove right Winston Churchill’s words he quoted calling it the pearl of Africa, back then in 1908.

Covered with a whole lot wealth of unexploited resources, varying vegetation types from the montane forests, rocky outcrops, grasslands, marshes to wooded savannah and acacia woodlands. Ever changing landscapes including the sweeping valleys, mountains, craggy hills and plateaus, all forming irresistible habitats for thousands of wildlife species, whether mammals, reptiles, primates or birds, Uganda is a definitely a home to amazing wild gem.

Despite the fact that Uganda’s beauty is worth every single penny spent on a Uganda safari, countless number of tourists have failed to make it to the pearl of Africa just because they feel they cannot afford. Yet traveling around the world doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make it to your dream destination.

Even if luxury safaris in Uganda are existent, it doesn’t cover up the fact that Uganda is still one of the cheapest destinations in Africa. And if you ever wonder on how to travel on a budget in Uganda, here are the travel hacks that will help you have a successful safari in the Uganda of Africa yet still within your fixed budget.

Have a travel plan. This is a very vital part while traveling on a budget. Have enough time to plan for your tour in Uganda. Calculate the exact time to spend on a safari, the destinations to be visited, accommodation and flights to be used. Remember last minute bookings are always way more expensive than early bookings.

Travel out of season. Uganda having two travel peak seasons of June to September and December to February, it is better to book your safari in Uganda during the months of March to May and October to November. This is the time when tour operators, destinations and hoteliers are not so busy that they can easily take in any person with any budget, and usually the prices are lowered so as to attract customers.

Be an accommodation heads-up. Uganda has a wide variety of accommodation facilities, from the high end luxury lodges, mid-range to budget and supper budget lodges, one can never fail to get where to sleep in Uganda. Thinking of cottages, we have a whole load, hotels, campsites, lodges, guesthouses and so many other options. It is wiser to go for the best option in your means, one with fairs that won’t strain your budget. If you have friends and relatives in the area, it is best to stay with them so you won’t spend on accommodation.

Travel with friends. This is the best way to cut costs, sharing meals, accommodation and transport is something that surely reduces one’s budget. Besides stretching your travel budget further, traveling with friends also means that you will have more people to reminisce and plan your future trips with.

Embrace public transport. Don’t go out for a cab. Use public transport instead. Use what the locals usually use because its normally cheap. Buses and trains are simple means to travel around, and overnight journeys are better because you get to save on the accommodation fairs.

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