Adventurous bungee jumping in Jinja, UgandaBungee jumping in Uganda

The home for bungee jumping is Uganda, Jinja which is known to be Uganda’s adventure capital.

Bungee jumping is one of the exciting activities to do in Jinja Uganda to experience fun to the fullest which will form a highlight of your next adventure safari in Uganda.

Do you wish to tie your ankles as you leap from a bridge down to the water of the Nile back and forth? then bungee jumping is the activity you need to experience. When you get a chance to visit Uganda and Jinja in particular, endeavor to undertake an adventure of lifetime and indulge in bungee jumping at Bujagali.

Bungee jumping does not only give you fun but also teaches you to overcome fear and face many challenges in life especially when similar situations arise.

When you visit Jinja in Uganda, you will have so many options to explore, where bungee jumping is part of them at River Nile the longest river in the world. According to safety matters, the bridge or crane where bungee jumping in Uganda is done meets the exact standard set by the international code of practice law and the standard is monitored twice a year in order to make room for any new adjustments. Every equipment used for bungee jumping is tested often and used for a short period of time and this shows that all the equipment used is up to date and not degraded in anyway. However if it gets worn out, it is replaced as soon as possible in order to maintain the operational standards and this shows you that the activity is safe making Uganda one of the safest places for bungee jumping in the whole world.

With only 115 USD you can enjoy the bungee jumping experience and Jinja is currently the only place this adventurous activity is carried out. The Nile high bungee tower is around 44 meters from the Nile waters and so the choice is totally in your hands where you can chose to get deep a bit and touch the water or stop close.

Bungee jumping is among the activities you are not supposed to miss while in Jinja; so close to Kampala and Entebbe, Jinja can be visited easily in just one day to enjoy all her adventurous endeavors including bungee jumping, white water rafting, recreational boat cruises and exploring the source of River Nile.

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