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Bamasaba Imbalu Cultural FestivalBamasaba Imbalu cultural festival

Uganda Tourism Board has made a partnership with the district of Bulambuli district. It is the district responsible for arranging the ceremony with the purpose of making it so colorful as this will help in increasing the ceremony’s popularity and its potential to attract tourists interested in cultural tours in Uganda. The ceremony is also a traditional Bamasaba practice in which the males undergo circumcision in the process of transiting to adulthood.

The practice is mandatory among the Bamasaba and the absconders are always hunted down and circumcised involuntarily. This is a very memorable event across the eastern region; especially in the areas occupied by the Bagisu. It also involves a unique traditional dance; commonly known as Kadodi, and many other great fests. This ceremony occurs every two years with in the leap year and it’s so interesting especially when added to a typical cultural Uganda safari.

This unique safari offer also arrives at the exact moment when the government body of UTB is trying to strengthen the efforts to develop domestic tourism with the regional clusters being the core item. The Imbalu is to complement many other attractions in the region which also include; Mount Elgon, Kidepo National park with diverse wildlife, the Wanale hill climbing, Sipi falls and many more.

Uganda has also got many other safari attractions that can be enjoyed during a wildlife tour vacation. Some of these also include; endangered mountain gorillas found in south western Uganda, chimpanzees, bird species, mountains, lakes and rivers, national parks and many wildlife species.