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Mabira Forest Uganda mabira forest

Mabira Forest is one of Uganda’s remaining rain forests and biggest in the central region, situated in Buikwe District, just between Lugazi and Jinja towns. Mabira is a rain forest covering about 300 Sq.kms  (about 30,000 hectares) in central Uganda, located approximately 54 kms from Kampala, along Jinja high way.

The rain forest has continued to be preserved and conserved in support of keeping Flora and Fauna flourishing in Uganda since it was gazetted as a forest reserve in 1932.

Mabira forest has a wide range of biodiversity comprising of 315 bird species, 312 tree species, 218 species of butterflies, 97 species of moths, 40 species of small mammals, such as red – tailed monkeys, Vervet monkeys, grey-cheeked Mangabeys and numerous nocturnal animals.

The flourishing green vegetation of Mabira Forest gives an impression to nature lovers that the Mabira jungle seems impenetrable but it is a go through when guided. Her cool and refreshing breeze that permeates Mabira allows the nature lover to tap into the fresh oxygen that exudes from the leafy environment. An experience during a tour in Uganda’s Mabira forest is equally an unforgettable appreciation of nature and flora.

What to do while in Mabira Forest.

Mabira forest embraces a myriad of visitor activities which one can get involved into while during their exploration; ranging from forest / nature walks, specialty bird watching, Mountain biking, zip lining, environmental education (Study tours), forest camping, sightseeing, picnic trails,  among other activities to delight your safari in Uganda.

Explore various types of trees while doing experiential nature walk in Mabira forest with vast functions from local herbs and other purposes especially for the natives. The herbs from tree stems, leaves and a vast under growth work as medicine to traditional herbalists. Mabira forest is speculated to be having about 312 tree species some of which include the Warbughia, Mililia Exclesa, Cordia Millenii and the Ugandanesis. Their presence has provided platform for ecological studies to botany researchers. Therefore, taking a nature walk excursion in Uganda’s Mabira forest will expose you to a myriad of green tree species.

With an estimated bird population of about 315 birds, Mabira forest boasts as one of Uganda’s most prominent destination for birding safaris. Common bird species in Mabira include Blue Headed Crested Mornarc, the Black Bellied Seed Cracker, Cassin Hawk Eagle, crested crane among others.

Butterfly experience in Mabira forest is yet another activity to get involved into, with over 218 butterfly species found here. With the presence of great temperatures to nurture all processes of butterfly formation, as well as existing moth species and over 23 mammal species, you will come to believe Uganda is truly blessed with nature.