Natural forests in Uganda

Natural Forests in Uganda

Natural Forests and woodland cover in Uganda stands at 49,000 km² or 24% of the total land area. Of these 9,242.08 km² is tropical rain-forest, 350.60 km² are forest plantations and 39,741.02 km² is woodland while 30% of these areas are protected as national parks, wildlife reserves or central forest reserves.

Mabira Forest

This is a rain-forest covering about 300 square kilometres (120 sq mi) (30,000 hectares/74,000 acres) in Uganda. The forest is located in Buikwe District, between Lugazi and Jinja. It has been protected as Mabira Forest Reserve since 1932. This is home for many endangered species like the primate Uganda mangabey a species of Old World monkey found only in Uganda.

Budongo Forest

The Budongo Forest is northwest of the capital city Kampala on the way to Murchison Falls National Park. It is located on the escarpment northeast of Lake Albert. It is known for its former abundance of East African mahogany trees as well as being home to a population of chimpanzees. An exceptionally large mahogany tree is still in here, and is more than 80 meters tall and some 20 meters in circumference.

Maramagambo Forest

The dense Maramagambo Forest in Bushenyi district; is part of the Queen Elizabeth National Park that is located in the southern part of the forest.
Two crater lakes named Lake Kyasanduka and Lake Nyamasingiri boarder this forest; one can find here many chimpanzees, red-tailed monkeys and Bates’s pygmy antelopes.