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Source of the Nile – 1 Day Source of the Nile Tour – River Nile

Overview of Source of the Nile – 1 Day Source of the Nile Tour Tour

Source of the Nile located in Jinja lies in the south east of Uganda, 87 km north east of the capital, Kampala. The beautiful city is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, near the source of the White Nile River. It’s the chief town of Jinja District, remained the capital of Busoga region and is considered the capital of the Kingdom of Busoga. It was the industrial heart of Uganda between 1954 and the late 1970s.

Jinja has a population of approximately 106,000, most of them being Bantus by ethnic group origin. Cotton-packing, nearby sugar estates, and railway access all enabled it to grow in size. By 1906 a street pattern had been laid out, and Indian traders moved in from around 1910

Power was from the hydroelectric Nalubaale Power Station at the Owen Falls Dam. In the 1960s, Jinja, like all the towns in Uganda, was subtly segregated, with little mixing of white, East Indian and black neighborhoods. The white area was by the lakeside, whiles the East Indians who were the commercial and the business class and lived in the rest of the town. In 1971 and 1972, Idi Amin expelled East Indians from Uganda.

Farming here thrives on the productive soils, plentiful water sources and dependable rainfall. Additional industries are metal processing, leather and paper processing, grain milling, sugar, some organic fruits and coffee growing for export, and brewing for local sale. There is some local and export fishing on Lake Victoria.

Jinja is the second commercial Center in Uganda which was established in 1907 by the British as an administrative Centre for Busoga region.

This excursion will avail you with a chance to taste the real attractiveness of Jinja’s attractions which include; Kalagala falls, Ssezibwa falls, trekking Mabira forest, the “Source of the Nile”,  and a boat cruise at the Nile though one would want  to  extend the trip to involve in activities like visiting the craft village, Bujagali Falls which is located downriver from Owen Falls Dam about 8Kms north of Jinja.

Bujagali Falls is a world-class spot for kayaking and white water rafting, and a popular weekend picnic area for local Ugandans and visitors, there is an active Hindu temple near Jinja, which has a bronze bust of Gandhi and a Buddhist temple which you can visit the next time you’re in Jinja or if you do an extension of your trip around this eastern city.

Itinerary of the excursionSource of River Nile

After your morning breakfast at 8:00am or any time of you convenience, the Love Uganda Safaris guide will pick you up from you hotel; then brief you about the trip, and afterwards hit the road; heading to Kalagala falls which is so spectacular and good for photos and canoeing (optional). Later after the beautiful experience, you will hit the road to another wonderful and historical Ssezibwa falls. This site is  Buganda’s Heritage Site and its marked with an out-span of sharp-edged rocks and the magnificent sound of soothing waters flowing down the steep ridged stones. This makes a good background for video clips with your friends and photo shoot. After the wonderful experience at Ssezibwa, you will proceed before making a stopover for yet another great cultural culinary experience at Namawojolo for Nyama Choma, Gonja, and roasted cassava by the locals for about 10-15 minutes.

Kalagala falls

Then the  your guide  will hit the road to drive through the thick forest of Mabira Forest; the major enduring stands of original (indigenous) forest in Central Uganda, covering a vicinity of more than 300 sq. km along Kampala-Jinja road.  Being close to the country’s two big cities, it grants a better opening for traveler’s progress. Bird watchers are not left out since the forest inhabits species of forest birds like; hornbill species, sunbirds, African Grey parrot, rare blue swallow and best birding site at the forest-fringed pond. This forest is a mixture of patches of open grassland, valleys with papyrus swamps, and more than 200 species of trees that have been acknowledged. With attractive walking trails, you can have a good view of the red tailed monkey, but the white Colobus, Grey-cheeked Mangabey and blue duiker monkeys being very familiar.

Mabira forest trekking

After the Mabira trekking and natural walk experience, you will proceed for lunch at Mabira rainforest lodge/ In Jinja town; depending on the time. After lunch, you will take a ride to the source of the Nile-a quiet beautiful spectacular place where the environment is overflowing with palm trees, incredible tropical plants and as you go down the steps towards the Nile you can feel the scent of victoria naturalness.

You will listen to the gurgling Nile waters from a distance, observe local fishermen casting their nets in the waters of this longest river that takes 90 days to reach Egypt! – We shall organize 1:30minutes boat cruise on Nile River crossing into Lake Victoria!  Don’t forget to take memorable pictures for your family and friends back at home! More so at the Nile, you will visit the craft shops and don’t fail to buy interesting African souvenirs for yourself; and also the traditional Basoga will be waiting for you to sing and dance for you as you come off the boat.

Source of the Nile cruise

After the beautiful boat cruise at the Nile, you   will go for the craft village tour; where you can buy lots of crafts and sovenier for your family anf friends back at home. After the craft  village tour, then you will go for the jinja city tour; where you will see and meet the “Basoga” people and also see the old and historical streets of jinja which. If time allows, you will visit the nile breweries factory (this visit is not a must see!). later in the eveniing, you will hit the road back to kampala for dinner and overnight at your lodge

End of trip with love Uganda safaris


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