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Baby Gorilla born in Bwindi impenetrable national park Uganda

It is always amazing and worth celebrating in Uganda when the news of a Gorilla being born is heard. The world’s most endangered species only found in three East African countries,   Rwanda, Uganda and D.R.C. Uganda hosts over 450 individuals, more than half of the world’s total Gorilla population.

The day was 11th November 2016 when the Bwindi community and the entire country woke up with great news of a new baby gorilla being born in the Rushegura gorilla family to one Ms.Businza. Businza is an adult female in the Rushegura mountain gorilla family. Originally from Habinyanza family, Businza moved to her present family, Rushegura, in 2000.

Ms.Businza gave birth in the morning and was seen later in the day by a Uganda Wildlife Authority officer. This is Businza’s second birth after her first 5 years ago. According to UWA officials, Rushegura’s membership now grows to 17 individuals after the split from the Habinyanja group years ago. This portrays a steady increase in the number of mountain Gorillas in this national park.

Baby Gorilla in Bwindi

Baby Gorilla in Bwindi

Recent Gorilla births in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park were registered on 21/08/2016 and 10/9/ 2016 in Bushaho and Bikyingi gorilla groups in Nkuringo and Rushaga regions respectively, both found in the southern sector of the park.

A few years ago, the survival of the mountain gorillas was very bleak. However, joint interstate and national conservation efforts have seen Gorillas’ population grow and the birth of newborn gorillas is an assurance of a bright future for the mountain gorillas, says Uganda Tourism Board (UTB).