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Igongo Cultural Centre

This is a cultural center which is also a private initiative. It  also aims at conserving and presenting the cultural norms of south western Uganda. This center is also well known for its significant role in the cultural developments in the country. The center is also located on Masaka – Mbarara road just before Mbarara town. This also offers a rich cultural heritage to many tourists who come for safaris to Uganda. They usually make stopovers at the center while they are traveling to the west for the wildlife viewing and also tracking.

igongoThis place has also got a furnished restaurant with a wide range of traditional dishes like; the millet bread, matooke, local sauce Eshabwe and this is prepared without fire among other varieties. There is also a museum at the Centre. This is one of its kind; since it offers many historical items which show the culture of the people of Uganda. This museum also features the collections of all tribes of south western Uganda from their pre historic settings to the contemporary life; thus providing a rich product for cultural safari tourists.

igongo 1Igongo Centre also has got a cultural village dotted with traditional cosy with nice décor worthy for relaxation; the theatre is also a home to the evening traditional performance which takes you back to the life of the local inhabitants. This is which is so interesting to the tourists who come for safaris in Uganda. The Igongo cultural Centre also has splendid gardens. These are marked with fine trees, grass, flowers, animal sculptures, where also the tourists can view the famous ancient cow which caused a historical war between the kingdoms of Ankole and the Buhweju.


The gardens at the center also provide a perfect ground for events and relaxation while in a safari tour in the country. Also the new Igongo country hotel is a splendid outlook behind the cultural museum on the foothills of Rwenjeru hills. These provide a perfect overnight stay for the safari visitors. All the features described above makes the centre a unique attraction which enhances culture within the country to the tourists.