River Manafwa

River Manafwa has its source on the high points of Mts. Elgon in the eastern part of Uganda. It has several tributaries which include Wukha, Tsutsu, Sala, Liisi, Pasa, Kufu, Nambale, Makhuba, among others.

The Vision bearer of this project Andy Martin Munialo was named after his grandfather Andrea Munialo; who in the year 1946 drowned in this river that flows through the districts of Bududa, Manafwa, Mbale and Butaleja; where it joins with other streams to form the greater river Mpologoma that flows into Lake Kyoga.

Its basin has for ages been of great social-economic importance to the population that lives along the river basin and its tributaries. There is a population of more than 2 million people; who for many generations have depended on river Manafwa for their livelihood. This is due to the many economic activities attributed to the existence of this River resource. For long, farming, agro-forestry, fishing, mining, stone quarrying, water supply, irrigation, crafts, education picnic and recreation activities have existed in the basin of river Manafwa; upon which the community has survived and benefited.