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Uganda – the pearl of Africa

Uganda is a Africa’s number one safari destination,quite small and a landlocked country which lies in East Africa with a total geographical coverage of 241,551 km2 of which 200,523km2 is land while 41,028 Km2 is water. It is located on the East African plateau, lying between latitudes 4ᵒN and 2ᵒS and between longitudes 29ᵒ and 35ᵒE. It averages about 1,100M above sea level but this decreases gradually downwards to the Sudanese plains in the north. Uganda is known by many as the pearl of Africa because of its diverse flora and fauna and most importantly it is a country entirely gifted by nature that render it a model safari destination in East Africa and Africa.

This safari destination is boardered by Kenya to the East, Congo to the West, Tanzania to the South, Rwanda to the South west and south Sudan to the North. The Southern part of the country is occupied by a substantial portion of Lake Victoria,which is also shared by Kenya and Tanzania. Uganda originally derived its name from Buganda kingdom,which encompasses the section of the Central part of the country including the capital Kampala.

Apart from the safari parks, Uganda boasts a great deal of diverse ethnicity, it is home to numerous ethnic groups, Ugandans speak over 30 different African languages. English and Swahili are the country’s official languages.

Swahili is a useful communication link with the country’s Eastern neighbours of Kenya and Tanzania, where it’s also spoken.

The main ethnic group are the Bantu who dominate mainly the West, Central and some parts of the East. Bantu-speaking groups include the Ankole, Buganda,Toro, Bunyoro and Busoga among many others. While to the east and north are groups of Nilotic/Cushitic origin, including the Teso, Karamajong, Acholi and Lango.

Climate of Uganda

Although generally equatorial, the climate is not uniform as the altitude modifies the climate. Most parts of southern and central Uganda are wetter with rain averagely spread through out the year, while the north and the west have 1 and 2 rainfall peaks only in a year respectively.

In general, the climate of Uganda is mainly influenced by: the dry North East and Northerly air masses from Sudan desert which cause the dry weather in much of the north, the dry South Easterlies which become moist after blowing over Lake Victoria thus causing the wet conditions in much of the south and Central parts. The presence of Lake Victoria which supplies moisture that make the south and Central moist through out the year. If it were not for Lake Victoria, Uganda would be a drier country due to continentality.


Getting to Uganda By Air

Direct flights are available from London by British Airways, Brussels by Brussels Airlines, Instanbul by Turkish Airlines, and Amsterdam by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. There are direct flights from Doha by Qatar Airways, Dubai by Emirates Airlines. There are no direct flights from America but there are connections through code sharing airlines from Europe and South Africa. The only direct flights between Uganda and other African countries are; Ethiopian airlines to Addis Ababa, Egypt air to Cairo, Kenya Airways to Nairobi, Rwandair Express to Kigali, and South African Airways to Johannesburg. Charter services can be arranged on request by the leading service providers to include; Kampala Aero Club, Ndege Juu Ya Africa, Air Serv, and Eagle Air or by simply getting in touch with Love Uganda Safaris

Uganda is generally a peculiar Safari destination, a travelers’ haven where the mighty Nile starts its journey to the Mediterranean sea, the equator where one can stand in 2 different spheres of the globe at the same time and an astounding scenery that ranks it high among the top most scenic destinations in the world. The country fully gifted by Nature with different features that count to it even though it is land locked. It has ten best safari National parks and a variety of wildlife reserves; each having a unique attraction that makes it out stand the rest and these include; ultimate Gorilla experience in Bwindi Impenetrable National park, In Queen Elizabeth National park, take a glimpse on the elusive climbing Lions in Ishasha sector; Murchison falls National park which is home to the world’s most powerful waterfalls on River Nile; Mountain Rwenzori National park, take a hike that is challenging along its glaciers to the Margherita peak,the highest point in Uganda; Lake Mburo National park where you get to listen to the whispers of the wild with numerous counts of Antelopes and a splendid savanna landscape; Semuliki National park, which hosts the magical Sempaya hot springs, geysers and a remarkable population of bird species, among others.

Elephants in Queen Elizabeth National and Murchision Parks

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