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Mountain Hiking Trips.

5 Days Sirimon/Naromoro Mountain Hiking Safari

This 5 Days Sirimon/Naromoro Mountain Hiking Safari will offer you a good opportunity for moving to the Sirimon/Naromoro summit. The mountain hike also includes an extra day at the Mackinder’s camp for the acclimatization before the final travel to the summit. This safari tour is a good choice of the high altitude hikers and those loving low altitude regions. You will also hike the peaks of Sirimon/Naromoro to the east,  passing through Kami and two tarn huts as you will also marvel at the view of towers the rocky and the glaciers of the west face batian peak.

You will also a transfer to Mt Kenya were you will have several hours of mountain hiking. You will also visit the shiptons camp were you will have a hike which provides many opportunities for fascinating views of the moorland scenery and plants. There will also be a visit to the Mackinder’s camp and a visit to the Met Station as well as a transfer to Nairobi for your departure.

After entering the park, you will begin a 3 to 4 hours hike through montane forest with the bamboo, the rosewood and heather zones to the old Moses camp. The forest and the bamboo also contains hundreds of elephants, buffaloes, bushbucks and the plethora of many bird species,

Dinner and overnight at the old Moses Camp.

You will have breakfast and after, you will continue for a 6 to 7 hours trek in the sprawling moorlands to the shipton’s hut. This hike will provide many opportunities for fascinating views of the moorland scenery and plants and also it can provide you a test on your individual endurance. You will enjoy an altitude range of 900m. You will also have lunch at a vantage point on the Mackinder valley.

Dinner and overnight at shipton’s Camp.

You will depart from the camp and ascend to the Hausberg col, and after you will descend steeply to the valley of Hauseberg and Oblong tarns before you make a further steep ascent, you will also cross huge boulders via Tarn on the way to the Mackinder’s camp which is also located along the Naromoru route within the Tekeki Valley.

Dinner and overnight at Mackinder’s camp.

You will wake up and after, you will start the Sirimon/Naromoro summit climb for 3 hours, you will hike on the frozen screen and then across the lewis glaciers for 3 to 4 hours. The aim is to reach point Lenana, which is the hiker’s summit, in time so as to watch the sunrise. From there, you will descend gently for 2 hours back to Mackinder’s camp and have breakfast. After, you will descent to Met station for your dinner and overnight.

You will have breakfast and after hike down a wide dirt road to the Naromoru park gate, where you will meet the vehicle and transfer back to Nairobi; and this will mark  the end of your hiking safari