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Garden Route National Park

This is one of the beautiful stretches of coastline in the world, home to the Garden route National park. The mosaic of ecosystems, it encompasses the world renowned Tsitsikamma and the wilderness sections, the Knysa Lake section, a variety of mountain catchment, southern cape indigenous forest and the associated fynbos areas.

Garden route National park resemble a montage of the landscapes and the sea scapes; from the ocean to mountain areas, and the renowned for its diverse natural and the cultural heritage resources. It’s managed by South Africa National parks; it hosts a variety of accommodation options, activities and the places of interest.

A jewel in South Africa’s crown; the Park is a prime example of the country’s unique fauna and flora and will offer unforgettable views and life-long memories. The activities available in the park also include; hiking and nature walks, forest excursions, birding, mountain biking, water activities, kayaking and the otter trail.