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Kigungu Catholic Monument

Kigungu Catholic Monument was constructed by Missionaries of Africa to which Fr. Lourdel and Brother Amans belonged. The monument depicts the two missionaries, in white, kneeling and humbled in prayer.

Kigungu landing site is where the first catholic missionaries landed in Uganda on 17th February 1879.

In the midst of the kneeling missionaries is a concrete with words. They read, “On this spot landed the first catholic missionaries of Uganda on the 17th day of February in the year of our lord 1879, Reverend Simeon Lourdel and Brother Amans of the society of the white fathers.”

The memorabilia metallic placard is affixed on a concrete and half bricks; and just below it a cross, and further below the word ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, taken from the Lord’s Prayer.

On right is Brother Amans with a travel case besides him. He is a humble man in prayer and just besides the bag is a hut; perhaps it shielded him from the tropical heat.

The memorials are kept in metallic hedge, on raised ground and then just below are stones that separate the lake from the monument. From this side of the lake you can see both the monument and the Church; with the fishermen taking their sits and enjoying small talk. The church is covered in blue iron sheets, windows and beautified with small bricks.

This beauty in concrete forms the reason for Catholicism in Ugandan and the Cradle of the faithful who visit this site every February 29, from within and outside these boarders.