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Uganda’s Tourism Industry

  • International Peace, Unity and Cooperation. Uganda is a member of East African Legislative Assembly. This implies that it cannot go for with Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi where her tourists are coming from. This has facilitated the growth and development of the tourism industry in Uganda.
  • National stability and security. Uganda is politically stable. The government has recruited enough security personnel to provide national security. These include Police officers, Army officers that work hand in hand with the Game Rangers in ensuring peace and stability around all the tourism potentials in Uganda.
  • People’s hospitality. Ugandans are friendly, hospitable and warmly welcoming to the foreigners. These people include Bakonjo, Baganda, Batooro, Banyankole, Iteso, and Bakiga among others. This implies that they can easily cooperate with tourists who visit Uganda. Hence the development of the tourism industry.