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 Lake Edward lies within Virunga National Park of Congo and Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda. On the northeast it is connected to the smaller Lake George. The two lakes have a combined surface area of 970 square miles.

Lake Edward is the smallest of the African great lakes and also lies in the Albertine rift. From Lake George, which receives the Ruwenzori River, water flows through the 20-mile long Kazinga Channel to Lake Edward, also fed by the Rutshuru River (crossing a wide plain in the south). Lake Edward empties northward through the Semliki River to Lake Albert  also called Lake Mobutu Sese Seko. Lake Edward’s northern and southern shores are low plains, but most of its east and west banks are steep trough walls. To the north, the Ruwenzori Range rises to 16,795 feet at Margherita Peak.

The lake abounds in fish and as well attracts wildlife about its shores like buffaloes, elephants and monitor lizards which are protected within Congo’s Virunga National Park and Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National . It also keeps hippos and crocodiles as well.