The first Rwanda gorilla naming ceremony was held in 2005. This Kwita Izina 2021 celebration was molded from the Rwanda tradition practice, that involves the naming of the newly born babies amidst   family members and friends to celebrate life.

Rwanda through the RDB organizes the famous annual gorilla naming ceremony “Kwita Izina” every 6 September. This year the Kwita Izina 2021 ceremony took place on 24 September. And it was held virtually.

The ceremony looks at celebrating nature and all stake holders that have enabled the conservation of the mountain gorillas, which comes with fruit benefits to the country and the surrounding communities.

Since 2005, about 328 gorillas have been named in volcanoes national park.  For the 2021 Kwita Izina ceremony, 24 baby gorillas where given names by a number of keys figures. these key figures play a major role in the Rwanda Tourism activities.

The activity is carried out in volcanoes national park, the only Rwanda gorilla destination and home to the newly born gorillas.

This was to bring focus and joining the world at large at the conservation efforts of the mountain gorillas.

The Kwita Izina 17th ceremony had only 24 newly born mountain gorillas of volcanoes national park that were named. The gorilla infants for the Kwita izina 2021 were as follows …

Ingeri _”Superior herd”

Ingeri infant came from the Isimbi gorilla family of volcanoes national park. He was named by Paris saint Germain first players Kyalin Mbappe and Neymar. The name “Ingeri”   come from an inspiration of the Rwanda cattle rearing traditions. This was as w given to highlight the uniqueness and superiority of the Mountain gorillas. Ingeri infant was born on 3rd January 2021, with his dad named “Africa”.


The name “ingabire” is a Rwandan term that means “gift”. This male baby gorilla was named “ingabire” to symbolize the growing population of the mountain gorillas that come as a gift in Rwanda. Ingabire was born on 6th January 2021, to Ejoheza a member of the Isimbi family. This baby gorilla was named by Gruner, the operations manager at African parks network.


This is a male mountain gorilla born 11th December 2020. His name is a Rwanda’s term that means “Foundation”. This name was chosen to present the conservation of mountain gorillas in Rwanda as one of the major key factors in the growth of the Rwanda tourism industry and source of economic growth.   Umusingi was named by Masai Ujiri, the president of the Toronto raptors. Umusingi comes from Igisha family.


This is a female baby gorilla from musilikale family borne by Ikaze on 6TH February, 2021. Mpanuro means guidance from the English translation from Kinyarwanda.   She was named as appreciation to the efforts of the Rwanda’s youth volunteer and health workers in the fight of Corona virus. Mpanuro was named by Ms. Jeanne d’ Arc wamahoro a youth volunteer and Ms. Alphosine Niwamugeni a community health worker


Byiruka was born on 8th January 2021 to Impano; his father in 8th January 2021. He comes from the Igisha  gorilla family of the volcanoes park and was name by the CEO of IMEX the worldwide exhibition for incentive travel; Carina Bauer. This name came from an inspiration to wish heath and growth to the new infant and to all his family members. The name Byiruka translates to mean flourish.


This male infant gorilla was born from the Muhoza gorilla family to Inkubito as his father. He was born on 7th January 2021. The name Kundumurimo recognizes Rwanda’ future generations as the custodians of biodiversity conservation.  He was named by Clement Uwamahoro, a conservation technology officer at Akagera National park.


Mubyebyi is a female mountain gorilla borne by Kubana a member from the Kureba family, she was born on 23rd December 2020.  The name: Kubana translates to mean “mother. Mubyeyi was named to honor and recognize the efforts of mothers in raising their offspring.  She was named by Dr.Senait Fisscha, the director of Global programs at the Susan Thompson Buffet foundation.


Nshunguye was named by Dr.Deborah Dunha, the chairperson Gorilla doctors. This female baby gorilla was born on 18th April 2021 from the Titus family. She is a member of the Titus family who came in as a treasure to the family.  The birth of Nshunguye was a “rescue” to the family her is translated.


Mugwire a male baby gorillas was born from the Hirwa gorilla family born to Magayene on 27th June 2021. The name “Mugwire” relates to mean “reproduce. A term that inspired to the name the baby mountain gorilla. This was to show and celebrate the growth of the mountain gorilla population in Rwanda and to promote a conductive environment for these mountain gorillas to grow and thrive.  Mugwire was named by Antony Lynam, a representative of international congress on conservation Biology.


Rudacogora a male baby gorilla was born to Ishema from Pablo gorilla family and was born on 12th July 2021. The name Rudacogora translates into English to mean “Resilient”. This name was chosen to show the determination, commitment and resilience of the Rwandan people. This gorilla baby was named by Mark Tatum, the deputy commissioner NBA.


Rinda is a male gorilla from Agashaya gorilla family born to Munezero. He was born on 14th June 2021 and was named by Luol Deng, a retired National Basketball Association player. The name was given to motivate the key players in gorilla preservation of Rwanda among these are rangers and special communities who entirely dedicate their lives in the preservation of the mountain gorillas.  The name Rinda translates to mean “preserve”.


Born from the Kwitonda family to Nchili, Sangwa is a female gorilla born on 29th August 2021. She was named by a famous Nigerian song writer, singer and entrepreneur (Mr.Eazi) Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade. This name means “welcome” and it was given to showcase Rwanda’s growing gorilla population.


Urusobe to mean “diversity” was choose to show the richness in Rwanda’s biodiversity. She is a female mountain gorilla that was born on 4th August 2021. She was named by a fine art photographer David Yarrow.


This female mountain gorilla born from Amahoro, with Nezerwa being her mother, was born on 18 June 2021. She was named by Yann Arthus Bertrand an environmentalist and photographer. The name was chose to celebrate the beauty that has come with the conservation efforts of the mountain gorillas in Rwanda.


Kabeho  was born on 13 November 2021, borne to Nzeli from Kureba gorilla family. He was named by Bruce Medolie, a Rwandan song writer and singer. She was named to bless the mountain gorillas with long and health lives.  This was well chosen to show the significance of each individual that plays part in the success of the conservation of the mountain gorillas. The name “Kabeho” translates to mean “Long live” and was chosen by the Rwanda people.


Igicumbi is a female gorilla born from the Kwitonda family by Okapi. She was born on 1 January 2021 in the volcanoes national park.  Igicumbi was named by the founder and CEO space of Gaints; Dr, Max Graham. The name “Igicumbi” stands for habitat and was choose to show case the uniqueness and beauty of the Virunga massif.


Mudasumbwa was born from the Musilikale gorilla family to Rugira as his father. He was born on 30th July 2020.  Mudasumbwa was named by Sergio Ramos a Saint Germany team player. The name Mudasumbwa translates to mean “outstanding” and it was chosen to reflect how the mountain gorilla species are respected and dominant in the wild.


This baby gorilla was born from the Ntambara gorilla family borne to Tegereza. He was born on 24 December 2021 and was named by Director of the center of Excellent in Biodiversity and natural resource management at the University of Rwanda; Professor Beth Kaplin. The name Twirinde translates to mean “protection”. It symbolizes the commitment of the volcanoes park staff in the protection, safe guard and health of the mountain gorillas of the national park.


Nshongore is a male baby gorilla born from the Muhoza gorilla family and borne to Turiho as his father. He was born on 26th February 2021. He was named by Angel di Maria and Marquinhos, who are famous Paris Saint Germain football team players. The name- Nshongore translates to mean elegant. It was chosen to high lighten the beauty of Rwanda’s mountain gorillas.


Iratuje is a female baby gorilla born from Hirwa gorilla family in volcanoes national park.  She was borne of Umoja and born on 18 December 2020.  She was named by a European Union Ambassador; H.E Nicola Bellomo. The name Iratuje translates to mean “peaceful”. This name best describes Umoja, the mother of Iratuje. She moved to Hirwa gorilla family from Kwitonda family and she was able to integrate into the family peacefully.


This female gorilla was born from Pablo gorilla family and was borne of Umujyanama. She was born on 9th February 2021 and is first born of mother Umujyanama. The name means to rise, which was chosen to extend wishes of strength and health to the newly born baby Kura.


Inkomezi is a male gorilla born from the Igisha gorilla family. He was born on 6 July 2021 and given a name to mean inner strength. This name was given by Mugabe Aristide- team captain Patriots Basket balls club.


This male gorilla was born from Sabyinyo gorilla family. He was born to Karema as he father and was born on 25 January 2021. The president of the Mastercard foundation- Reeta Roy  gave this gorilla its name. and the name translates to “saving”.


Injishi is a male baby gorilla born from the Kuryama gorilla family. He was born on 30th July 2021. The CEO and chairperson Global Environment facility- Carlos Manuel Rodriguez gave this gorilla its name. The name signifies the great value of the mountain gorillas of Rwanda.

With the above baby gorillas named by different key personalities. The 2021 kwita Izina ceremony majorly focused on the conservation of mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park.

The Kwita Izina 2021 ceremony is a great opportunity to discover and get to know more about the mountain gorillas of the volcanoes national park.












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