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 Lake George is located in the western part of the East Africa’s Rift Valley. The lake is  small and shallow of approximately 250 sq km and has depth of just 2.4 meters. It covers a total surface area of 250 sq km and is also part of Africa’s great lakes.

The lake is supplied by several inflows from the extensive mountain Rwenzori ranges as well as from the northeastern agricultural area. However, the major inflows are Dura and Mpanga from northeast, in addition to Nsonge, Rumi, plus Mubuku from Rwenzori.

It flows  into the Kazinga Channel that also drains toward the adjacent Lake Edward. The lake’s northern shore is lined with a dense papyrus swamp and its water levels keep on swinging but to a very minimal level.

Lake George experiences two rainy seasons having the rainfall peaks within May and October whereas the monthly mean rainfall ranges from 3 – 194 mm. This lake is extremely productive and fishery is carried out here especially by the people in the nearby communities.

Kankuranga, Iranqara as well as Akika are the lake’s major islands.

The fauna of this beautiful Lake George is majorly  dominated by different herbivores, especially the fish such as the cyclopoid copepod Thermocyclops hyalinus and Tilapia nilotica among others

The dense swamp in the northern shore of this lake is habitat to the sitatunga Antelope, the shores of lake George attract some Birds like the Shoebill among others which can be good for the birders.