Tourism reopens in Rwanda, availing new opportunities to individuals involved in the tourism industry. The doors of Rwanda are now open for all travelers, to engage in the various tourism activities keeping all the COVID-19 preventive measures.

Travelling to many destinations has been greatly restricted due to the great novel of COVID-19. Many countries have been affected, as a measure to protect its nationals of countries. Many governing bodies imposed travel restrictions to many travelers.

This affected many country sectors, where tourism takes among the top lead sectors, greatly hit by COVID 19.  Lucky enough, tourism in Rwanda has been restarted. The preventive measures for COVID -19 in Rwanda, include social distance (at least one meter a part), wearing a mask and regular washing of hands or sanitizing .

For tourists that intend to visit Rwanda, they are ought to first fill and submit a movement request to the Rwanda authorities. The movement request is supposed to attached with a negative COVID -19 test results, that have been taken at least 24 hours before the commence of the trip.

Due to the huge surge of the COVID 19 virus in India, travelers with travel history arriving in Rwanda are supposed to undergo mandatory 7 days quarantine at their own costs .Such travelers have been directed to quarantine at Corina k guest house, Land mark suites hotel and Ubumwe grand hotel in Rwanda.

A Complete passenger form and an information note are as well supposed to be filled in and submitted. For the passenger locator form, it is supposed to be filled and submitted before arrival of the tourist.

Tourists that want to visit the national parks which include volcanoes national park, Nyungwe national and Akagera national park. The tourists are supposed to complete a guest indemnity and registration form before their visit to Rwanda. The forms are to be submitted electronically to the individual national park sites.

For travelers arriving in Uganda, a negative SARS-Cov 2 real time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test is required, that has been taken with 72 hours. A Rapid Diagnostics test is not accepted on entry.

After arrival, the visitors are required to take another PCR test, after the individuals are designated at hotels as they wait for the results that are delivered within 24 hours.

For children under the age of 5 and hotel guests accompanied by parents that are under that age of 12, the test is not mandatory.

Tourists that want to visit Nyungwe national park, volcanoes national park and Gishwati –mukura national park. A negative SARS –Cov 2 real time polymerase chain reaction test is needed that has been taken with 72 hours.

And for those that have interest in visiting Akagera national park, a negative Rapid Antigen test taken with 72 hours is the only test certificate that gives access to the national park.

The entrance to other tourism sites is valid with the presentation of, a negative SARS –Cov 2 (Real time polymerase chain reaction) or a Rapid Antigen test taken within 129 hours.

International travelers that intend to use hotels for accommodation, they are supposed to present both the (RT-PRC) Test and the Rapid Antigen Test.

The real time polymerase chain reaction test cost 50 USD (Rwf 47200) for the travelers departing Rwanda. For the arriving travelers, the (RT –PCR) costs 60 USD (Rwf572000) and Rwf 10,000 for the Rapid Antigen test.

There have been promotional offers to boost tourism activities in Rwanda, with offering special discounts until May 2021. COVID -19 has not stopped tourism in Rwanda, for the country is still open for all travelers and tourists. Come and explore the beauty of Rwanda.

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