Birding in the pearl of Africa is truly an enhancing activity, with over 1066 bird species and over 30 birding sites and spots. Uganda is among the top birding destination in Africa. As you plan your birding safari in Uganda, there are a number of requirements you need  to enhance and  ease  your birding experience in the different birding sites.

Some of these species include, the great blue turaco, Papyrus, canary, Fox’s weaver, Regal sunbird, Blue –headed, Ituri batis, mount masked Apalis, white belled robin –chat, Rwenzori turaco, standard winged night jar, papyrus gonolek, shelley’s crimson wing , karamoja Apalis , yellow –eyed black flycatcher, Bar –tailed trogon , purple breasted sunbird and many more.

What birding equipment you need for your birding safari in Uganda.

Field guide

As one sets out for bird watching in Uganda, a field guide is a major requirement for the birding experience. A field guide contains descriptive information that helps to distinguish mammals or plants in the wild using their physical appearance. It helps to know the exact bird species from the point of their physical appearance, color or size.  A number of bird species have similar physical features, which might make it hard to distinguish the species, with the help of a field guide; bird watching is made much easier.


This is a primary requirement for birders in Uganda. These help the user view far most birds at the distance with a clear vision, Since birding is wholly at seeing of the different bird species. The binocular helps you to get a clear vision of the bird in focus. It is necessary for those that are planning to obtain this equipment, to s consider the birding style they are familiar with.  The type of binoculars and size that would be comfortable should be put in mind while birding.

Spotting scope

A spotting scope is a gear required for birding, for those that want a clear full physical view of the bird species. This birding gear helps to observe a bird clearly at a far most distance. A spotting scope is quite expensive, but if not available a binoculars can work in substitute.


What could birding be without the beautiful colorful memories from the birding experience?, a camera is a true definition of “memory keeper”. Cameras of all types are a special requirement for birding watching in Uganda. With the pictures, videos and sounds recorded this can be used for further reference.

Brimmed hat

Bird watching is more effective when carried out during the dry season, when the sun is out. But this doesn’t mean it can’t be experienced during the wet seasons. While birding, a brimmed hat helps to give shade for the eyes for a more clear and focused view of the birds. At the same time when using the different birding gears like the cameras, binoculars and more, a brimmed hat helps to improve on the focus while taking a glance, shots and videos of the different bird species.

Check list

Different birders have different interest. However, the sole purpose of birding is to have a sight of a particular bird species of interest. A check list, lists out all the bird species in the different birding sites of Uganda. This helps to choose a favorable birding site for a specific bird species, which makes the birding experience much easier.


Bird watching involves some hours of walking through the birding sites, comfortable clothing is important for comfort while bird watching. Comfortable feet wear, light pack, light material clothes and other person accessories are recommended for a better birding experience.

What to consider for a better birding experience,

Choose the right time

When preparing for birding in Uganda, knowing the right time to head in for birding is very important. Uganda has two seasons, the dry and wet season. The dry is the most preferred season for birders due to the easy visibility of the bird species.

It is important to know the best time during the day to head out for bird watching are early mornings and evenings. Afternoons  may also count depending on the temperatures and birders interests.

Bird watching can be effective during the feeding times, when birds are foraging and looking for food for their mates. Drinking at the water sources or during bird baths, sunning which is most at the afternoon times when the sun is hot ,and singing where birders use bird vocals to get there location.

Identity of the birds

A birder is ought to be specific for a better birding experience. Knowing specific bird species of interest helps in proper planning of a birding experience from sites, time and other required resources. For the birding destinations in the pearl  these include, mabamba bay, the 10 national parks of Uganda, Bigodi wetland to mention but a few

Learn the birding ethics

This helps to maintain the conservation efforts of the endangered birding species in Uganda, Knowing the procedures that govern each birding site, enhances a smooth birding experience in the pearl.

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