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Bahai Temple in Uganda2

The Bahai Temple also known as the Mashriqu’l-Adhkar is situated on 8.5 hectares (21.5 acres) of land on Kikaya Hill on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda. The architect of the building, Charles Mason Remey, worked closely with Shoghi Effendi in developing the design. The architectural firm of Cobb, Powell, and Freeman which designed the Bulange, the administrative center of the former kingdom of Buganda and one of Kampala’s most important buildings adapted the design to local conditions and oversaw construction. Work on the foundations began in October 1957, a month before Shoghi Effendi’s death.

The foundation stone was laid on 26 January 1958 as part of an intercontinental conference Shoghi Effendi had called. About one thousand Baha’is gathered for the ceremony in which Shoghi Effendi’s widow,Hand of the Cause of God Ruhiyyih Rabbani, and Musa Banani, the first Hand of the Cause of God in Africa, participated.

The Bahai Temple of Worship and surrounding grounds is a sacred and special place built for prayer and meditation.3

Time for visiting
It is made available to people of all faiths and races. You are welcome to visit the Bahai Temple of Worship every day between 8:00am and 5:30pm.

Instructions while in the temple.

Inside the Bahai Temple , silence should be observed.

Photographs inside the Temple are not permitted. However, you can take photographs in the gardens.

Mobile phones should be switched off when entering the outer perimeter of the Temple.

Eating and drinking is not permitted close to the Temple.

Please supervise children so that they do not make noise for people who are meditating or in prayer. Picking of flowers is also not permitted.

No alcoholic drinks or drugs including cigarette smoking is permitted anywhere on the Baha’i Temple grounds.

Immoral behavior of any kind is not allowed.

Please do not bring along pets onto the grounds.

Entrance and exit should be done through the two gates only. And any automobile should be parked in the parking allocated.