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Lake Bunyonyi (Bird nest)

Lake Bunyonyi/Bird nest is situated in the southwestern part of Uganda between Kabale and Kisooro. It is encircled by 29 islands. The lake is also surrounded by hills. It is an opportunity to different tourism activities. Lake Bunyonyi is good for chilling out and relaxing since it has conducive atmosphere.


The islands on this lake include Bushara, Kyahugye and punishment island among others. On the punishment island, the Bakiga girls who got pregnant before marriage were tied up alone with reeds; and were left there to die of hunger. This punishment was served to teach the rest not to do the same mistake. Almost every island on this lake has a meaning and when you visit the lake guides can give you details on each island.

The lake is also a home to small birds including; weaver birds and this therefore makes it great for birders at Bunyonyi.

Weaver birds


Other activities here include, swimming, canoeing, village walks to the Bakiga and the Batwa tribes living in this area, nature walks around the lake and mountain biking.